Printable 2015 Calendar: Monthly & Weekly

Printable 2015 Calendar

The 2015 monthy calendar is available to print in a multitude colors: yellow, white, blue, pink and green). There is a full year calendar to give a quick overview of the year and there are also weekly calendar pages which are great for creating student planners for school.
The cells of the calendars are left blank except for the date so you can write in your own important reminders. Why take up space showing holidays which may not be celebrated by you and your family. The calendar pages are free to print for your own use. Print them all in advance of the year or on a monthly basis as they're needed.

PRINTING TIPS: The monthly calendars and weekly planner pages can be printed in either portrait or landscape. The weekly calendar is best printed in portait format, which is the browser's default setting. The full year calendar is formatted only for portrait. However, the monthly calendars are best printed in landscape format. To change to landscape go to Page Setup and change from portrait to landscape.

They are great to post in common areas and to print out for each individual in the family to keep everyone organized. Calendars are a great addition to any kid's binder.

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Free Printable 2015 Full-Year Calendar

The following calendar is formatted for portrait printing and displays all 12 months condensed onto one page. It's perfect for a quick overview of the year. Keep it on the fridge or office bulletin board for quick access. Sometimes finding a date on paper is faster than your phone.

2015 Calendar

Free Printable 2015 Monthly Calendar

Please select and print a month of the printable 2015 calendar from below. Each of the monthly calendars is available in blue, gree, pink, yellow, or just plain white. After the monthly calendars, there are some fun ideas for kids to create wonderful home calendars.

January 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
February 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
March 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
April 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
May 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
June 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
July 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
August 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
September 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
October 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
November 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow
December 2015: Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow

Printable 2015 Weekly Calendar

These weekly calendar pages are ideal for creating a student planner book. Just print the calendar pages for the term or the year and bind them together in a duotang. You can add a copy of the monthly canlendar at the start of each month for additional reminders. If you print the pages back-to-back you can save paper and space in the duotang.

January 4 - January 10
January 11 - January 17
January 18 - January 24
January 25 - January 31
February 1 - February 7
February 8 - February 14
February 15 - February 21
February 22 - February 28
March 1 - March 7
March 8 - March 14
March 15 - March 21
March 22 - March 28
March 29 - April 4
April 5 - April 11
April 12 - April 18
April 19 - April 25
April 26 - May 2
May 3 - May 9
May 10 - May 16
May 17 - May 23
May 24 - May 30
May 31 - June 6
June 7 - June 13
June 14 - June 20
June 21 - June 27
June 28 - July 4
July 5 - July 11
July 12 - July 18
July 19 - July 25
July 26 - August 1
August 2 - August 8
August 9 - August 15
August 16 - August 22
August 23 - August 29
August 30 - September 5
September 6 - September 12
September 13 - September 19
September 20 - September 26
September 27 - October 3
October 4 - October 10
October 11 - October 17
October 18 - October 24
October 25 - October 31
Novermber 1 - Novermber 7
Novermber 8 - Novermber 14
Novermber 15 - Novermber 21
Novermber 22 - Novermber 28
Novermber 29 - December 5
December 6 - December 12
December 13 - December 19
December 20 - December 26
December 27 - January 2

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Customizing Your 2015 Calendar

The above pages of the 2015 monthly calendar only contain the actual month names, days names, dates and squares of the calendar. If you would like to add a picture as the top part of the calendar you will have to print a picture on the back of the calendar months.

A terrific activity for your kids would be to print some coloring pages that they can color in each month. You can choose seasonal coloring pages that match holidays in each month, or just coloring pages of interest to you children. Please visit our coloring pages for some coloring ideas to add to the printable calendar.

It's important to stay organized at this time of year, or any time of year for that matter.. Calendar planners are great for staying organized. Adults and kids both need reminders with busy schedules.

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