Free Alien Coloring Pages for Kids

Alien Coloring Pages

The following alien coloring pages are excellent worksheets for kids who are fascinated by aliens, outer space, and UFOs. The free alien coloring pages are great to keep kids busy at home, on trips, or as part of an alien theme birthday party loot bag. We have aliens in a vareity of different scenes including UFO attacking earth, UFOs beaming up people, strange looking aliens, alien families and much more.

Young kids generally enjoy coloring and boys usually think aliens are cool. Boys are not usually interested in sitting down to do paper based activities, which often results in weaker small motor control. So these worksheets are ideal for young boys. They are fun and great for their development. But, these alien coloring pages can be fun for kids of all ages. Just print, add lots of cool colors and enjoy the results.

Alien Coloring Pages

These printable alien coloring pages are perfect for those kids who are the ultimate believers. We have a variety of alien coloring sheets such as alien families, alien invaders, UFOs, friendly aliens and not so friendly aliens. Find some that you like, print, and enjoy.

Alien Coloring Page 1: 2 Aliens with a birthday cake.
Alien Coloring Page 2: Strange alien creature.
Alien Coloring Page 3: Alien performing experiment on human.
Alien Coloring Page 4: Alien family: mom, dad, and baby.
Alien Coloring Page 5: Alien holding up hand as greeting.
Alien Coloring Page 6: Friendly alien holding up hand as greeting.
Alien Coloring Page 7: Alien spaceship attacking people.
Alien Coloring Page 8: Alien invaders zapping people.
Alien Coloring Page 9: Alien invaders zapping people 2.
Alien Coloring Page 10: Alien Princess.
Alien Coloring Page 11: Alien riding a horse 1.
Alien Coloring Page 12: Alien riding a horse 2.
Alien Coloring Page 13: Aliens eating around a table.
Alien Coloring Page 14: Wierd aliens in love.
Alien Coloring Page 15: Alien hovering a bowling ball.
Alien Coloring Page 16: Wierd alien holding a birthday gift.
Alien Coloring Page 17: 2 Aliens with star background.
UFO Coloring Page 1: UFO with alien inside.
UFO Coloring Page 2: UFO moving Statue of Liberty with tractor beam.
UFO Coloring Page 3: Alien in ufo with planets behind.
UFO Coloring Page 4: UFO saucer with landing gear.
UFO Coloring Page 5: UFO beaming up aliens.
UFO Coloring Page 6: Worried alien possibly being chased.

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Parents can print these Alien coloring pages out for their kids at home, or teachers can print them out as worksheets for a fun addition to their lesson plans.

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