Basketball Coloring Pages: Free Basketball Printables

Basketball Coloring Pages

Do your kids like playing or watching basketball? Do they also enjoy coloring? Then they'll definitely enjoy these free printable basketball coloring pages.
And we have a terrific variety of basketball pictures available for kids to colr. We have boy players, girl players, dribbling the ball, dunking, shooting at the hoop, passing the ball, spinning the basketball on a finger and more. You're sure to find some basketball coloring printables that match your kids interests.

Basketball coloring sheets are a great activity to keep kids busy and entertained on a rainy day, at a restaurant, or on a long drive. They would also make a great addition to a classroom activity for preschool or kindergarten kids. Coloring is a good way to improve kids small motor control.

For kids who love basketball, free Basketball Coloring pages can keep them busy doing a fun activity related to their favorite sport, basketball. Have fun!

Basketball Coloring Pages

Basketball is an amazing sport for both boys and girls. It's easy to grab a ball, go outside, and just start shooting hoops. You can shoot hoops on your own, play with a few friends, or be a part of an organized team. Any kid who enjoys the game will also love these coloring pictures. We have several categories to choose from, so you'll probably find what you're looking for.

Basketball Players Taking Shots

Shooting the basketball is really the core part of the game. So, kids will love these coloring pictures of people taking shots. You'll find some great images of shooting hoops for your kids. Just print and enjoy!

Shooting basketball 1: A realistic drawing of a player jumping to shoot.
Shooting basketball 2: A player taking a jump shot.
Shooting basketball 3: A sketch of a player in the middle of his shot.
Shooting basketball 4: A player shooting the ball with his tongue hanging out.
Shooting basketball 5: A very cartoonish player flying thru the air with his shot.
Shooting basketball 6: A basketball player taking a hook shot.
Shooting basketball 7: A player wearing sport goggles taking a shot.
Shooting basketball 8: A player with the ball up, maybe for a free throw.

Dunking the Basketball

Everyone can shoot a basketball, but not many can dunk. That's what makes these images so special. It's fun to imagine that you can dunk on a high net. Well, you can feed the fantasy by printing some of these fun coloring printables.

Dunking Basketball 1: An extremely tall player dunking without jumping.
Dunking Basketball 2: A player hanging on the hoop after dunking the ball.
Dunking Basketball 3: A slam dunk with the word "SLAM" in the background.
Dunking Basketball 4: Going for a dunk with tongue hanging out.
Dunking Basketball 5: Slam dunk and holding onto the rim.

Dribbling the Basketball

Apart from shooting, dribbling is the other fundamental activity in basketball. Everyone can dribble! So, all kids can identify with dribbling. That makes these pictures really fun for kids. They'll love these coloring pictures.

Dribbling Basketball: A Player dribbling between his legs.
Dribbling Basketball 2: A boy walking and dribbling the ball.
Dribbling Basketball 3: A boy concentrating on dribbling the ball.
Dribbling Basketball 4: A player running and dribbling.
Dribbling Basketball 5: A player dribbling the ball at his side.
Dribbling Basketball 6: A player dribbling the ball in front of him.
Dribbling Basketball 7: A player dribbling the ball high.
Dribbling Basketball 8: A boy dribbling by his side.

Referees and Coaches

Organized basketball really needs coaches and referees. They are an important part of the game. These pictures are all about those two important roles in basketball. They're fun to color for all kids who love the game.

Referee 1: A referee blowing the whistle and holding the ball.
Referee 2: A referee with a whistle in his mouth.
Referee 3: A referee holding the ball and pointing.
Coach 1: A coach taking with his players.
Coach 2: A coach holding a ball above his players.

Passing or Catching the Basketball

You shouldn't be a ball hog on your basketball team. The team needs to pass the ball from player to player. So, these coloring pictures of players passing and catching the basketball are ideal for team players.

Basketball Pass 1: A baskeball player ready to pass with the ball above his head.
Basketball Pass 2: A player with the ball behind his head, ready to pass.
Basketball Pass 3: Passing the ball.
Basketball Pass 4: Waiting for a pass.
Basketball Pass 5: Player ready to pass.
Basketball Catch: Player catching basketball.

Spinning the Ball on a Finger

Not many people can spin a basketbal on their finger. It's tough! These coloring pictures are fun images of players doing just that. Just imagine that you can do it too.

Spinning Ball: Basketball spinning on finger.
Spinning Ball 2: A Player spinning a ball on his finger.
Spinning Ball 3: A happy player spinning the ball on a finger.

Holding the Basketball

Sometimes when players are actually playing basketball, they're just holding it. Maybe it's before or after the game, or maybe just a break in the game. All of these following coloring pictures are of players just holding the ball.

Holding Ball 1: A skinny player holding a ball.
Holding Ball 2 : A player holding the ball while running.
Holding Ball 3: A smily player holding the ball.
Holding Ball 4: A big strong player holding the ball.
Holding Ball 5:
Holding Ball 6: A player with hair over his eyes, holding a ball.
Holding Ball 7: A tall player holding ball up high.

Girl Basketball Players

Lots of girls love to play basketball as much as the boys. These coloring pages are terrific for girls who love the game. These pictures all show girls playing basketball, or as part of a basketball team.

Girl Basketball Player: 2 girl players on the court.
Girl Basketball Player 2: A girl hold a basketball under her arm.
Girl Basketball Player 3: A girl player holding the ball before a pass or shot.
Girl Basketball Player 4: A player in the triple threat position.
Girl Basketball Player 5: A player taking a lay-up.
Girl Basketball Player 6: A young girl concentrating while dribbling.
Girl Basketball Player 7: A giant girl dunking the ball.
Girl Basketball Player 29: Taking a shot near the basket.
Girl Basketball Game : 3 girls celebrating on the court.
Girl Basketball Game 2: A girl dribbling past another player.
Girl Basketball Game 3: Basketball players chatting.
Girl Basketball Game 4: A girl dribbling in a game.
Girl Basketball Game 5: A girl running quickly while dribbling.
Girl Basketball Game 6: Dribbling up to the net.
Girl Basketball Game 7: Girls cheering from the bench.
Girl Basketball Game 8: 3 Girls sweating on the bench.
Girl Basketball Game 9: A girl drinking water on the bench.
Girl Basketball Game 10: A team huddle.
Girl Basketball Game 11: Players listening to the coach during a time-out
Girl Basketball Game 12: Banging elbows during a game.
Girl Basketball Game 13: 2 players rushing down the court.
Girl Basketball Game 14: Scoring a jump shot.
Girl Basketball Game 15: 2 girls shaking hands on the court.
Girl Basketball Game 16: A player stealing the ball.
Girl Basketball Game 17: Nervous about taking a shot.
Girl Basketball Game 18: A player taking a lay-up.
Girl Basketball Game 19: One player fouling another during her shot.
Girl Basketball Game 20: A player shooting over another player.
Girl Basketball Game 21: A girl shooting and another ready for a rebound.

More Basketball Game Coloring Pages

These coloring pictures show more basketball scenes, like a tip-off, guarding another player, multiple players, and more.

Basketball Game: 2 Players jumping at the tip-off.
Basketball Game: A player guarding another player.
Basketball Game: A Worried Player.
Basketball Game: 2 boys playing basketball.
Basketball Game: 3 Players in an informal game.

Animal Basketball Players

Have you ever wished that animals could do human activities, like basketball. Well, these coloring pictures are all about different animals playing the game. There's a cat, bird, buffalo, frog, fish, and more. Just find the animal you like, print, color, and have fun.

Animal Basketball Player 1: Aardvark basketball player.
Animal Basketball Player 2: Bird player.
Animal Basketball Player 3: Buffalo ready to dunk.
Animal Basketball Player 4: Cool cat basketball player.
Animal Basketball Player 5: Eagle player.
Animal Basketball Player 6: Elephant dunking basketball.
Animal Basketball Player 7: Fish dunking basketball.
Animal Basketball Player 8: Frog shooting the ball.
Animal Basketball Player 9: 1 Kangaroo player.
Animal Basketball Player 10: 2 Kangaroo players.
Animal Basketball Player 11: Space Jam monster.

Additional Basketball Coloring Pages

Well, if you couldn't find the basketball coloring page you were looking for above, then maybe you'll find it here. There are more basketball related images that don't exactly fit into one of the above categories. But, they're just as fun! Print some off and have fun.

Basketball Coloring Page 1: Basketball diving into the net.
Basketball Coloring Page 2: Basketball going to the net.
Basketball Coloring Page 3: A player with a basketball for a head.
Basketball Coloring Page 4: An outdoor basketball net.
Basketball Coloring Page 5: A basketball net rooted in grass.
Basketball Coloring Page 6: Boy walking with ball.
Basketball Coloring Page 7: Broken hoop on a player.
Basketball Coloring Page 8: A happy ball player.
Basketball Coloring Page 9: Injured player wearing a sling.
Basketball Coloring Page 10: Player stuck up-side-down in the net.
Basketball Coloring Page 11: Wheelchair player.
Basketball Coloring Page 12: Benched basketball player covered in cobwebs
Basketball Coloring Page 13: Yelling basketball coach. The coach should be nicer.

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These basketball coloring pages are perfect for parents to print at home for their kids, or for preschool teachers to use as a fun coloring activity for the kids.

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