Printable Birthday Coloring Pages for Kids

Birthday Coloring Pages

Are your kids really excited about their birthday party? Of course they are! Give your child some free printable birthday coloring pages leading up to the party to keep busy while waiting for the big day.

The printable birthday coloring pages are also a great coloring activity for the birthday party guests as a craft or to put in the birthday loot bags, or both. It's often a good idea to have an activity planned for kids to do as everyone is arriving. Sitting down to do some coloring is a great way to get them settled before the rest of the party begins.

Let your birthday fun begin here. Just make sure your have lots of crayons or coloring pencils on hand. If you like these worksheets, please tell a friend.

Birthday Coloring Pages

Birthday Girls Coloring Pages

Birthday Girl Holding Present
Birthday Girl with Presents
Birthday Girl Playing with Dog
Birthday Girl Blowing Out Candles
Girl Opening Gift of a Puppy
1 Year Old Girl with Cake
Girl's 4th Birthday
Girl's 5th Birthday
Girl's 6th Birthday
Girl's 6th Birthday - with birthday cake
Girl's 7th Birthday
Girl blindfolded: near giggling party guest
Girl's birthday party: two girls chatting
Girl's Birthday Party: One girl wearing a princess tiara

Birthday Boys Coloring Pages

Birthday Boy with Balloon and Present
Birthday Boy with Balloons and Presents
Birthday Boy Blowing Candles Out
Baby's 1st Birthday
Boy's 2nd Birthday
Boy's 3rd Birthday
Boy's 5th Birthday: Reading birthday card
Boy's 5th Birthday
Boy's 7th Birthday
Boy's 7th Birthday - with cake and balloons
2 Boys eating birthday cake very messily
Boy opening present while wearing party hat

Birthday Parties Coloring Pages

Birthday Party With Streamers
Birthday Party With Banner
Birthday Party - Friends Around the Cake
Birthday Party with Cake
Boy playing pin the tail on the donkey with great success
Piece of birthday cake with balloons and a gift
Dad's birthday: Mom and daughter giving presents to dad
2 Presents with balloons
Grandpa's Birthday: Gift and cake

Happy Birthday Coloring Pages

Happy Birthday Written with Balloons and Candles
Happy Birthday written on Balloons
Happy Birthday Banner Held by Bird
Happy Birthday Cake and Giant Hotdog

Dinosaur Birthday Coloring Pages

2 Year Old's Dinosaur Birthday
Dinosaur with Cake on Back
Dinosaur Eating Someone's Cake
Dinosaur with Cake on Tail

Teddy Bear Birthday Coloring Pages

Teddy Bear Reading Birthday Cake Recipe
Two Teddy Bears with Cake
Teddy Bear Carrying Gift
Teddy Bear Blowing out Candles

More Birthday Coloring Pages

Fancy Birthday Cake
Alien Beaming Cake
Alien Parent and Child with Cake
Alien and Cake Falling
Superhero with Cake Symbol abd Cape
Superhero Flying with Cake
Superhero Dog with Cake
Birthday Party Table with Cake and Balloons
Dog About to Cut Cake with Machete
Robot Mom Bringing Metal Cake to Child
Robot Carrying Cake
Unicorn with Cake on Horn
Bear birthday: Papa bear giving son a gift
Party noisemaker blown by party guest

... try more of our free birthday printables including word searches, dot-to-dots, etc.

Kids love birthday parties, whether it's their own birthday or the birthday party of a friend. Kids can enjoy these birthday coloring pages at home or include them in a birthday party loot bag.

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