Hockey Coloring Pages for Kids

Hockey Coloring Pages

These hockey coloring pages are perfect pictures for kids who love both hockey and coloring. We have a huge selection of picture to choose from. There are goalies, players skating, players taking shots, girl players, boy players, referees, even animal hockey players, and more. You will surely find several coloring pages that your kids will enjoy.

Teachers are welcome to print these hockey coloring pages off as a fun classroom activity for preschool, kindergarten or early grade school aged kids. Parents can also print these at home for their own kids. These worksheets are a wonderful activity to keep kids busy and entertained on a rainy day, at a restaurant, or on a long drive. For kids who love Hockey, free Hockey Coloring pages can keep them busy doing a fun activity related to their favorite sport.

Hockey Coloring Pages


Goalie in net 1
Goalie in net 2
Goalie in net 3
Goalie making a save 1
Goalie making a save 2
Goalie making a save 3
Goalie making save 4
Goalie making save 5
Goalie making save 6
Goalie out of net
Very large goalie
Goalie ready for action
Goalie letting in a goal

Girl Hockey Players

Girl Hockey Player 1
Girl Hockey Player 2
Girl Hockey Player 3
Girl Hockey Player 4

Hockey Players In The Game

Hockey player with eyes on the play
Hockey player with puck ready for a pass or shot
Speedy hockey player in mid-stride

Hockey Players Celebrating

2 Celebrating Players
Celebrating Player 1
Celebrating Player 2
Celebrating Player 3
Celebrating Player 4
Celebrating Player 5
Kid hockey players cheering


Referee 1
Referee 2
Referee 3
Referee 4
Referee 5

More Hockey Coloring Pages

2 Players
2 Players Shaking Hands
Cleaning the Ice (you know, a z.......)
Hockey fan cheering at home

... try more of our Hockey printables .

Hockey is a favorite sport of many kids. Parents can print these fun hockey coloring printables for their kids to enjoy at home. Preschool and primary teachers can use these hockey cat coloring pages as worksheets for a hockey or sports theme lesson plan at school.

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