Free Summer Coloring Pages for Kids

Summer Coloring Pages for Kids

Please enjoy these free summer coloring pages for kids. We have a terrific selection of summer pictures to choose from. We have coloring pictures of camping, summer sports, the beach, swimming, summer food and cooking, boating and much more. You should be able to find lots of pages your youngster will like to color.

Parents can print these summer coloring pages for free at home. Not all summer days are ideal for playing outside. These worksheets are perfect for those indoor days, on a long car ride, or any other free time they have. Teachers may also like to use some of these summer coloring pictures towards the end of the school year before the summer break. They are great worksheets for preschool and kindergarten kids. Even younger grade school kids will enjoy these pictures.

Print as many as your kids want. Get lots of crayons ready. Have fun and tell a friend.

Coloring Sheets for Summer

Camp & Camping Coloring Pages

Bear taking tent with people still in it
Camper Trailer
Camping in the rain and dreaming of home
In a pup tent reading under the moon
Camper pitching a tent, or at least trying
Roasting marschmallows over an open flame
2 Boys roasting wieners over an open flame
Girl roasting wieners over an open flame
Sleeping outside in a sleeping bag under the moonlight

Summer Sports Coloring Pages

Beach Volleyball
Canoe portaging
Canoe trip
Canoe trip 2
Father son hike
Hiker off trail
Fisherman with big fish and small boat
Girl inline skating
Girl throwing frisbee
Girl surfing the waves

Beach Coloring Pages

Beach Volleyball
Boy on beach running to the water
Collecting shells on the beach
Beach sand castle
Boy making sand castle
Dad buried in beach sand by kids
2 Kids snorkling
Beach towel sunbathing
Suntanning at the beach with drink in hand

Pool & Swimming Coloring Pages

Diving into the water
Man pushed off dock into lake
Floating on innertube holding a cold drink

Summer Food & Barbecue Coloring Pages

Eating Watermelon
Ice Cream Cone: A boy enjoying an ice cream
Boy losing ice cream from cone
Tall glass of lemonade
Drinking lemonade and eating chicken
2 Kids with a lemonade stand
Backyard Barbecue: kids waiting for dad to finish

Boating Coloring Pages

1 Person on a sailboat
Sailboat on the open water
Speedboat on lake with family onboard

More Summer Coloring Pages

Car trip
Chasing a butterfly with a net
Girl climbing tree
Picking flowers
Picnic raided by ants
Picnic table: two kids enjoying lunch
Riding a bicycle
Tire Swing
Tire Swing over a lake
Watching Ants
Flying kite
Man relaxing in a hammock
Man napping in hammock
Boy trying to hold onto fish
Girl using hula hoop
Girl using hula hoop 2
Man happily mowing lawn
Flying kite with rabbit on it
Reading under a tree
Summer nap by a tree stump
Rafting on a lake
Small deserted island with stranded man

Summer is a great time of year for kids to be active or to just relax on a beach. Parents can print these summer coloring printables for their kids to enjoy at home. Preschool and primary teachers can use the fun summer coloring pages as worksheets for a summer theme lesson plan at school.

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