Winter Coloring Pages for Kids

Printable Winter Coloring Pages

These printable winter coloring pages for kids are perfect cold weather activities. The days are short and cold in the winter. Kids are looking for indoor diversions and parents don't always want those diversions to be TV, computers and video games. We have a wide selection of winter coloring sheets to choose from. Our pictures include images of snowmen, snow scenes, winter activities, winter clothing, winter sports, shoveling, icy scenes, feeling chilled, and more.

Parents can print these winter coloring pages for kids at home. These free printables are perfects on those cold winter days. Teachers may also print them for their preschool, kindergarten, or young grade school kids. They'd make a fun addition to a classroom lesson.

Make sure you have lots of crayons available. Not everything is white in winter. Ok, most is white, but not everything. Have fun!

Winter Coloring Pages

Snowman Coloring Pages

Snowman 1
Snowman 2
Snowman 3

Snow Coloring Pages

Car stuck in snow
Catching snow on the tongue
Caught in boulder

Ice Coloring Pages

Frozen in ice
Slipping on ice
Cracking ice
Trapped in an icecube
Slipping on ice
Chopping ice
Winter Ice sculpture of a dolphin
Icicle falling on boy's head

Feeling Cold Coloring Pages

Cold dog
Tongue stuck on pole
Frozen guy
Walking the dog in the cold
Cold weather with low thermometer reading
Cold winter breeze blowing toque off
Cold dog wearing a sweater

Winter Clothes Coloring Pages

Bundled up 1
Bundled up 2
Bundled up skater

Winter Shovel Coloring Pages


Fun Winter Activities Coloring Pages

Sledding downhill on a traditional tobogann
Boy holding his sled aka tobogann
Snowball fight 1
Snowball fight 2
Snow angel
Horse and sled
Dog on sled going downhill
Ice fishing hut
Ice fishing & caught a frozen fish

Winter Sports Coloring Pages

Hockey: Player
Hockey: 2 Players
Hockey: Goalie making a save
Hockey: ... more Hockey coloring pages
Woman ice skating wearing earmuffs

More Winter Coloring Pages

Warming by the bonfire
Eskimo with dog and sled
Fire in fireplace

Additional printable winter activity pages can be found on the Winter Activities for Kids page on this site.

Hockey coloring sheets are a fun activity for hockey themed birthday party loot bags or just a fun activity for kids who are hockey fans to do in the winter. Parents can print them out for their kids at home or teachers can use these hockey coloring pages as part of their winter lesson plans.

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