Winter Olympics Coloring Pages

Winter Olympics Coloring Pages

These winter olympics coloring pages are terrific worksheets for kids leading up to the spectacular sporting event. All those indoor winter
days are ideal for coloring. We also have a great selection of pictures to choose from. There are lots of skiing pages: downhill, cross country, and jumping. There are the olympic rings, bobsleigh and more.

These printable winter Olympics coloring pages are available for individual use at home or for classroom use at school. Kids can color these pictures while watching the sports at home. Teachers can give them to their preschool or kindergarten classes for a fun activity to learn about the Olympics. Encourage your kids to add lots of color and I'm sure they'll create wonderful pieces of art.

Winter Olympics Coloring Pages

Olympic Rings
Vancouver 2010 Olympic Rings
Vancouver 2010 Logo
Bobsleigh: 4-Man team
Bobsleigh: 2-Man team
Cross Country Skiing: Freestyle skier
Downhill Skier in full gear
Downhill Skiing: ready to start
Freestyle Skiing in mid-jump
Freestyle Skiing: Jump with legs out to the sides
Ski Jumper in mid-flight
Ski Jumper starting to fly
Ski Jumper side view of flight
Ski Jumper preparing for jump
Ski Jumper speeding downhill before jump
Gold Medal winner of one the the skiing competitions

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The winter olympics is fun to watch for kids of all ages. Parents can print these wonderful Olympic coloring pages at home for their kids to enjoy. Preschool and primary teachers can use the coloring pages as worksheets for a winter theme lesson plan at school.

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