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Doc is the resident doctor of Radiator Springs and he's also the town judge. He is a retired racecar who used to race when cars were tough and the track was dirt. He ends up being the crew chief for Lightning McQueen at the Piston Cup tie-breaker and continues to do so.


Mack, a big rig, is a loyal friend and the trusted driver of Lightning McQueen. Mack would drive Lightning all over the country and would do anything for him. He lived by the saying that there's no "I" in team. Unfortunately, Lightning pushes Mack to drive through the night and it leads to disaster.


Strip Weathers is the King of the race track. He's a racing legend who decided to retire to spend more time with his Queen. He's the winningest race car ever, winning more Piston Cup races than any other car in history. He loved racing but he's a down-home guy ready to go back to a slower lifestyle. - #1 Cryptogram Puzzles