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Capture the Hearts Card Game

Have lots of fun with family or friends playing "Capture the Hearts", a new fun card game!

Objective of the Game:

To collect as many hearts from the deck of cards as possible, and to have fun of course!

What You Need to Play the Game:

Just a standard deck of cards. For more than 4 players add a second deck of cards.

Number of Players:

2 or more. The more the better.

Setting Up the Game:

Remove the jokers from the deck. All players cut the deck and the player with the highest card deals first. The dealer deals 7 cards to each player, dealing clockwise.

How to Play:

Each player must pick 2 cards to play in each round. Each player chooses one card to place face down in front them. This card is not revealed to the other players, except to the winner of the round. Then each player chooses a second card and places the card face down on top of the first card. The top card cannot be a heart. Hearts can only be placed as the first face down card. The only exception to this rule is if the player only has hearts left in their hand.

Once each player has picked their two cards for the round and they are face down in front of them, then everyone turns over the top card. The player with the highest card showing wins the round and gets to keep all the uncovered cards. If there is a tie then the suits are ranked with diamonds higher than clubs; diamonds and clubs higher than spades. The winner may look at the cards that were won but no one else can. These cards are then set aside and are out of play, but all the hearts collected count towards the final score.

The cards that were turned up in the round are then discarded face up in a pile in the middle of the group of players.

That is the end of round 1. Everyone keeps all their remaining cards and the new dealer (to the left of the previous dealer) deals around 2 more cards to each person. The next round of the game plays the same as the first round.

The game ends when anyone doesn't have 2 cards left to play, not when there are no more cards to deal. People may also have a different number of cards if the deck can't be evenly dealt to the players. When the game ends the remaining cards in people's hands are now out of play. However, any remaining hearts in people's hands count against their score.

To Score:

Count all the hearts each player has collected, minus any hearts in each player's hand. The player with the highest score wins.


Try to play your hearts when you think you have a good chance to win with your top card. For example, it's probably not a good idea to play a heart when you play a 5 as your top card.

A Longer Version of this Fun Card Game:

This new fun card game, "Capture the Hearts", can be made longer and even more fun by playing it several times until a player reaches a set score. For example, you may decide to play until a player reaches 25 points. Or it's also fun to play the game a set number of times and add up the total score. The player with the most heart points wins.

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