Counting Worksheets: Count By 4s Mazes

Counting By 4s Worksheets

The following counting worksheets are all set up as mazes. Counting is the foundation of math skills. These educational worksheets are perfect for grades 1, 2, and 3 students to reinforce their counting to 400 by 4s skills. Parents can print these worksheets at home as a fun math activity. Teachers can print these worksheets at school as part of their math lesson plans.

Counting By Fours

Print the worksheets, start at 4 and work your way through the mazes up to 400, counting by fours.

Alien Maze: Help the alien to the UFO.
Back To School Maze: Guide the student to the chalkboard.
Baseball Maze: Help guide the baseball to the players.
Basketball Maze: Help guide the basketball to the net.
Birthday Maze: Guide the girl to the birthday party.
Cats Maze: Help the cat catch the mouse.
Christmas Maze: Hang the Christmas wreath on the front door.
Dinosaur Maze: Help the dinosaur find her partner.
Dragon Maze: Help the dragon fly to the mountains.
Easter Maze: Help the Easter bunny find it's lost eggs.
Fall Maze: Help Grandpa find more leaves to rake.
Father's Day Maze: The kids are taking dad to his present.
Fish Maze: Help the shark catch the fish.
Football Maze: Guide the football to the player.
Frankenstein Maze: Help Frankenstein find his friend.
Frog Maze: Turn the frog back into a wizard.
Halloween Maze: Mr. Pumpkinhead is looking for more candy.
Hockey Maze: Get on the ice to help your teammate.
Horse Maze: Guide the circus performer to her horse.
Knight Maze: Get the sword to the knight.
Medieval Maze: The baker is delivering bread to the castle.
Monkey Maze: The monkey is looking for his friend.
Mother's Day Maze: The boy is taking flowers to mom.
Mummy Maze: The mummy is looking for fire to roast his hotdog.
Panda Maze: The panda is looking for its friend aeting the bamboo.
Penguin Maze: Guide the penguin to his buddy.
Pirate Maze: Guide the pirates to battle.
Polar Bear Maze: The polar bear is looking for its friend.
Princess Maze: Take the lost princess back to the castle.
Ski Jumping Maze: Get lots of air time for the ski jumper.
Skiing Downhill Maze: Get the downhill skier to the finish line.
Soccer Maze: Get the ball from the soccer player to goalkeeper.
Space Maze: Guide the astronaut to his spaceship.
Spring Maze: Show the girl the way to the puddle.
St. Patrick's Day Maze: Find the Leprechaun's lost gold.
Summer Maze: Help the girl find the sailboat.
Thanksgiving Maze: Help Gramdma finish the turkey so Grandpa can carve it.
Unicorn Maze: Guide the horse riding princess to the unicorn.
Valentine Maze: The student is rushing a card to his teacher.
Vampire Maze: Help the vampire find the blood bank.
Winter Maze: The skater wants to find a big frozen pond.
Witch Maze: Help the witch find her crystal ball.

Parents can print these counting by four worksheet pages for their kids at home, or teachers can print them out for a fun addition to their lesson plans at school. Learning to count up to 400 by fours is an important foundation for kid's math skills. It will help with addition and multiplication (the 4 times table). The maze design in a wide variety of themes makes learning to count by fours more fun for kids and is a great teaching tool. For more counting worksheets try these:

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