Letter Shaped Mazes for Kids

Printable Letter Mazes For Kids

These alphabet mazes are wonderful educational activity pages for developing kids' small motor skills and spacial perception skills. They're also great for helping to teach the alphabet. These letter shaped mazes are meant to be printed and completed on paper. Each letter of the alphabet is represented with an uppercase and lowercase maze. They're fun activity worksheets for pre-school, kindergarten, and early grade school kids.

Teachers may also like to include the mazes in their classroom lesson plans. It's fun and educational. Print and enjoy!

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Uppercase Letter Mazes

These are the uppercase versions of all the letters of the alphabet. The theme of each of the mazes is based on the letter of the alphabet.

A Maze: The Aardvark is looking for the Ant hill.
B Maze: The Bear is hungry for Bananas.
C Maze: Calvin the Cat wants to nibble on a Carrot
D Maze: The dragon wants to battle the dinosaur.
E Maze: The elephant is trying to get to the elevator.
F Maze: The feather will tickle the foot.
G Maze: The goose is looking for more of her golden eggs.
H Maze: The hammer is needed at the hospital.
I Maze: The insect wants to land on the ice cream.
J Maze: The jet is flying to Jamaica.
K Maze: .
L Maze: The lion is looking for a lamp.
M Maze:
N Maze: The nurse is looking for a needle.
O Maze: The octopus is thristy for orange juice.
P Maze: The pony is looking for peanuts.
Q Maze: The queen lost a quarter.
R Maze: The rabbit wants a radish.
S Maze: The snake is slithering to the snail.
T Maze: Tito the turtle wants to taste the tulips.
U Maze: The umpire lost his umbrella.
V Maze: The vulture is trying to catch the vole.
W Maze: The whale wishes he had some watermelon.
X Maze: The boy wants to play the xylophone.
Y Maze: Yeardly the Yak lost his Yo-Yo.
Z Maze: Zorbo the Zebra is on the way to the Zoo.

Lowercase case Letter Mazes

All of these mazes are the lowercase letters of the alphabet. The theme of each maze is based on the letter.

a Maze: The alligator is hungry for an apple.
b Maze: The boy is trying to catch a balloon.
c Maze: The car is going to pick up some corn
d Maze: The dog wants to get to his doghouse.
e Maze: The eagle is flying to the elf.
f Maze: The frog wants to jump onto the finger.
g Maze: The gorilla want to find the grapes.
h Maze: The helicopter is going to pick up the hippo.
i Maze: The infant is looking for the igloo.
j Maze: Hide the jewelry in the jack-o-lantern.
k Maze: The king is looking for his kangaroo.
l Maze: The leopard is chasing leaves.
m Maze:
n Maze: The ninja is missing his newspaper.
o Maze: The orangutan would like to meet the ostrich.
p Maze: The prince is searching for his princess.
q Maze: The quintuplets are looking for their quilt.
r Maze: The robot is going to the rainbow.
s Maze: The spider is sneaking up on the skunk.
t Maze: Tubby the toad is going toward the trumpet.
u Maze:
v Maze: Veer the viking to the viking ship.
w Maze: The warrior is looking for his whip.
x Maze: The patient needs to have an x-ray.
y Maze: The yowling dog is looking for his yard
z Maze: The boy needs to zip up the zipper.

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