Holiday Mazes for Kids

Special Occasion & Holiday Mazes For Kids

These printable mazes, or puzzles and mazes in general, are excellent educational worksheets for developing small motor skills and spacial perception skills in children.
These are all traditional mazes in that you try to follow a path from start to finish without getting trapped in the many false paths throughout the maze. However, these mazes are very special in design since they are all shaped to represent a holiday or other special occasion. For example, there is a Santa shaped Christmas maze, and egg shaped Easter maze, a brithday cake shaped birthday maze, etc.

These mazes appeal to kids from preschool and kindergarten up to grade school. Teachers may also like to include the theme mazes for kids in their lesson plans. Print and enjoy!

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Holiday Mazes

Christmas Mazes

These Christmas mazes for kids have a variety of Christmas icons including a Christmas tree, angels, Santa, a stocking, Santa's sleigh and Santa's toy sack.

Christmas Tree Maze: Christmas Tree
Christmas Angel Maze: Help the angel find his halo
Christmas Angel Maze 2: Help Santa find his lost presents
Santa Maze: Help Santa find his reindeer
Christmas Stocking Maze: Hang the stocking on the fireplace
Santa's Sleigh Maze: Help Santa find the next house
Santa's Toy Sack Maze: Help the elf get the toy sack to Santa's sleigh
Reindeer Maze: Fly Santa through the maze to deliver presents to the house.

Easter Mazes

These Easter mazes are a great addition to an Easter basket. Enjoy the egg shaped or the bunny shaped maze.

Easter Maze 1: Guide the Easter Bunny through the egg maze to find his basket of eggs.
Easter Maze 2: Help the bunny through the maze to find his Easter eggs.

Mother's and Father's Day Mazes

These Mother's and Father's Day mazes for kids are a perfect activity to keep kids busy on mom or dad's special day.

Mothers Day Maze: Shaped like the word MOM
Dad Maze: Shaped like word DAD

Thanksgiving Mazes

The turkey shaped maze is a fun addition to Thanksgiving day festivities.

Thanksgiving Turkey Maze: Help the lady get the turkey through the turkey shaped maze to the dinner table
Leaf Maze: Help the Pilgrim catch a turkey through the leaf shaped maze

Halloween Mazes

This great collection of Halloween mazes for kids is a wonderful way to keep kids entertained leading up to the exciting evening of trick-or-treating.

Halloween Maze 1: Frankenstein shape
Halloween Maze 2: Frankenstein's face
Halloween Maze 3: Grim Reaper Maze
Halloween Maze 4: Jack-O-Lantern shape
Halloween Maze 5: Mummy shape
Halloween Maze 6: Witch's Hat
Halloween Maze 7: Vampire shape
Witch Maze 1: Witch's Cauldron
Witch Maze 2: Help the witch through the maze to her potion book.

Valentine's Day Mazes

The Valentine's Day mazes in the shape of either a heart or the word love are a fun addition to a Valentine's card.

Heart Maze: Heart shape. Help the boy find the girl.
Valentine Maze: Word LOVE shaped. Guide cupid to the heart.

St. Patrick's Day Mazes

This St. Patrick's day maze in the shape of a four leaf clover is a fun activity on St. Partick's day. Try using a green pencil or crayon.

St Patricks Day Maze: Four leaf clover shape

Other Special Occasion Mazes

Birthday Mazes

These birthday mazes for kids each have a birthday theme, either a balloon or a cake.

Birthday Maze 1: Balloon shape
Birthday Maze 2: Cake shape

Other Occasion Mazes

These occasions may not be holidays but they are important. These mazes commemorate those occasions

Breast Cancer Awareness Maze: Full page pink ribbon maze.
Breast Cancer Awareness Maze: Scaled down pink ribbon maze. Perfect for a newsletter.
Movember Maze: Shaped like a very large moustache
Shrove Tuesday Maze: Shaped like a stack of pancakes

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