Car Trip Bingo Game Instructions

Car Trip Bingo Game Instructions

Long car trips can be boring for kids if they aren't kept busy. But you also want to keep them busy with games that don't have a lot of pieces to lose, or constantly playing video games. Car trip bingo is an ideal solution to long boring road trips.

How to Play Car Trip Bingo

It's very easy to play. You just need to print car trip bingo pages for each player. Print off a different page for each player and give each player a pencil or pen. There are 3 ways to play this bingo game:

  1. The first way to play is like traditional bingo, but instead of someone calling out the square, you watch out the window to find an item on your car trip bingo page. Each time you find an item on your page you X it off. The first person to get any row, column, or diagonal of items is the winner.
  2. The problem with the first method is that it goes too quickly. So unless you print off several different pages so that it can played multiple times, it may be better to play the second method. The escond way of playing car trip bingo is to simply try to find every single bingo item on the page. The first person to find everything on there page wins.
  3. My personal favorite way to play car trip bingo is to make it a two level game. So with each bingo page you can play method 1 followed by method 2 so it's 2 games in 1.

The car trip bingo pages available on this site are:

Parents can print these car trip bingo pages for their next family outing with the kids, or teachers can print them out for a fun bus trip activity. Keep the kids busy with fun paper games to make your next trip more enjoyable for everyone!

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