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Tracing Names: Letter L

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Children can learn to print their own name with these educational and free preschool printables / kindergarten worksheets. Letter tracing is a fun way to learn the letters of their name. Print and enjoy these fun and educational name tracing worksheets with your pre-school or kindergarten kids!

Learning to print their name is an important stepping stone in letter recognition, letter sounds, and an early step towards reading. Names tracing is also an excellent activity for developing the fine motor skills for later printing and writing.

These letter L name tracing printables are worksheets intended to be printed and traced on paper.

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L Names

The following 'L' name pages have up to 50 names per page. Use the name ranges given to find the name who wish to find.

L Names Page 1: La Cienega to Lalo
L Names Page 2: Lam to Larkin
L Names Page 3: Larry to Lavinia
L Names Page 4: Lavonn to Legrand
L Names Page 5: Lehana to Leopold
L Names Page 6: Leora to Libba
L Names Page 7: Libby to Lindy
L Names Page 8: Linette to Lloyd
L Names Page 9: Lluvia to Lori
L Names Page 10: Lorica to Luciano
L Names Page 11: Lucida to Lutisha
L Names Page 12: Luvenia to Lyubov

Name tracing worksheets help teach kids to learn their letters and their names. The tracing worksheets also help teach kids fine motor skills required for printing. Parents can print these worksheets off for their kids at home or teachers can use the name tracing worksheets as part of their preschool or kindergarten lesson plans.

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