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A poor miller had a meeting with the king and falsely bragged that his daughter could spin straw into gold. The greedy king who liked gold very much wanted the millerís daughter to prove her ability. The king locked the girl in a room of the castle and gave her one day to spin the straw into gold.


The girl couldnít spin straw into gold so she cried and feared for her life. Luckily she was visited by a little man who could spin straw into gold. He did this three times for her and on the third time made her promise to give him her first-born child if she becomes Queen.


The young queen was given three days to guess Rumpelstiltskinís name. If on the third day she could still not guess his name then he would take the baby. The queen sent a messenger through the country collecting every name he could find. - #1 Cryptogram Puzzles