Printable Cryptogram Puzzles & Crypto Families

Printable Cryptogram Puzzles and Crypto Families

These printable cryptogram puzzles and crypto families both use letter substitutions to encrypt some text. The cryptogram puzzles are short paragraphs with the letters replaced with other letters. The crypto families are lists of related words that are also encrypted with a letter subtitution.

The puzzles are created in theme sets of related topics. Each page of cryptogram puzzles has 3 puzzles per page, each related to a single theme. Each page of crypto-families puzzles has 4 per page, based on 4 topics of a common theme. Choose a theme and choose the puzzle type and enjoy the printable puzzles. For example, four topics of cryptograms related to the cat theme could be general characteristics, breeds, cats in fictions, and Garfield.


Printable Cryptograms

As mentioned above, a cryptogram puzzle is a short paragrah of text that is encrypted with letter substitutions. Each printable puzzle page has three separate puzzles with three different encryptions. So, each of the three cryptogram puzzles per page must be solved separately. Solution pages are also included. If this is for use in a classroom, the teacher may want to give a hint by supplying the solution for one of the words in each puzzle.

Animal Cryptograms: Butterflies, cats, dinosaurs, dog, farm animals, fish, frogs, horses, monkeys, pandas, penguins, polar bears, and turkeys
Fairy Tale Cryptograms: Cinderella, Goldilocks, Hansel & Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Three Billy Goats Gruff, Three Little Pigs
Family Cryptograms:
Food Cryptograms: Chocolate bars
Holiday Cryptograms: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year's Eve/Day, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day.
Medieval & Mythical Cryptograms: Dragons, medieval, princesses
Movie Cryptograms: Seasonal Cryptograms: Summer Solstice, Eiffel Tower, Mosquitoes
Space Cryptograms: Aliens, Space (General)
Special Occasions and Observances Cryptograms: e.g. Pancake day, Palm Sunday, Love your pet day...
Sports Cryptograms: Baseball, Biathlon, Curling, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Ski Jumping, Winter Olympics.
TV Cryptograms: Cheers, Family Guy, Flintstones, Pokemon, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Powerpuff Girls, Scooby Doo, Spongebob Squarepants, Superheroes, The Simpsons, Thomas the Tank Engine, Theodore Tugboat, TV (General)
Vehicle Cryptograms: Airplanes, cars, trains, boats

Printable Crypto Families Puzzles

The crypto-families puzzles are lists of words or short phrases that are encrypted with letter substitutions. Each list of words is closely related to the title of the list. For each theme there are two printable puzzle pages. One page has 4 crypto-family puzzles with no hints. The second page has three of the four puzzles from the first page and a list of all the possible solutions for the 3 puzzles. This is for kids who may have difficulty solving these puzzles without hints. A solution page is also included for each theme set of puzzles.

Animal Cryptograms: Cats, dinosaurs, dog, frogs, monkeys, pandas, penguins, polar bears,
Community Cryptograms: General community themes, construction trucks, jobs, schools
Fairy Tale Cryptograms: Cinderella, General fairy tale themes, Hansel & Gretel, Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Three Little Pigs
Family Cryptograms: Clothes, General family themes, home
Food Cryptograms: General food themes
Holiday Cryptograms: 4th of July, Easter, Father's Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day.
Medieval & Mythical Cryptograms: Dragons, knightd, medieval
Movie Cryptograms: Pixar's Cars, general movie themes, and romantic movies
Music Cryptograms: General music themes, popular recording artists 2000-2009.
Space Cryptograms: General space themes
Scary Creatures Cryptograms: Witches
Seasons Cryptograms: Spring, summer, fall, and winter
Special Occasions Cryptograms: birthdays
Sports Cryptograms: Baseball, Basketball, Figure skating, Football, Hockey, Skiing, Soccer, Sports (General), Winter Olympics.
TV Cryptograms: Decades in cartoons, classic cartoons, Theodore Tugboat, Thomas the Tank Engine, TV (General themes)
Vehicle Cryptograms: Airplanes, boats, cars, trains

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Hopefully you found some printable cryptogram puzzles or crypto families puzzles that your kids or class will enjoy. Print out as many of these puzzles as you like and enjoy the mental challenge.

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