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Free Animal Coloring Pages

Please enjoy these free animal coloring pages of cartoon animals at work. These free animal coloring pages are a funny look at what it might
look like if animals did some of the jobs that people do.

If animals could work, what would they do. In real life some animals do work. Horses work on farms and dogs are trained for many jobs including helping the blind and the hearing impaired. However, these coloring pages don't depict regular animal jobs. They have animals doing human type jobs. Take a look at these fun animal coloring pages.

Parents can print these fun worksheets at home for their own kids or teachers can add them as a fun classroom activity. Print, have fun and add lots of colors.

Animals At Work Coloring Pages

Kids love animals! So, it's really cute to image animals performing different jobs that are traditionally human jobs. Find a cute animal at work page, print and enjoy.

Cat Coloring Page: Astronaut Cat.
Cat Coloring Pages: Painter Cat.
Mouse Coloring Pages: Construction Worker Mouse.
Squirrel Coloring Pages: Librarian Squirrel.
Dog Coloring Pages: Office Worker Dog

Print these animal coloring pages out at home and have some fun!

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