Printable Color by Number Worksheets

Printable Color By Number Worksheets

These printable color by number worksheets (mosaic style hidden pictures) are an ideal combination of coloring and number recognition. Printable Color by Number Worksheets These mosaic color by number worksheets are pictures made up of geometric shapes. Reveal the hidden picture in these mosaic style puzzles by coloring the numbered geometric shapes in these worksheets.

Printable color by number worksheets are great activity pages for preschool kids. Print these for use at home or teachers may even include them in their preschool, kindergarten, or primary school curriculum. Print and enjoy these hidden pictures!

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Color By Number Pictures

Print one or more of these color by number worksheets and grab a few crayons for some coloring fun. Just fill in each shape with the color matched with the number and you'll see a picture come to life.

Color by Number Worksheet 1: Clown
Color by Number Worksheet 2: House
Color by Number Worksheet 3: Sled
Color by Number Worksheet 4: Sun and tree
Color by Number Worksheet 5: Chick on water
Color by Number Worksheet 6: Witch and broom
Color by Number Worksheet 7: Volcano
Color by Number Worksheet 8: Red car
Color by Number Worksheet 9: Castle

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