Fun Printable Mazes for Kids

Printable Mazes For Kids

These printable mazes for kids, or puzzles and mazes in general, are excellent educational worksheets for developing kids small motor skills and spacial perception skills. You can print the traditional printable mazes, counting mazes and PrintActivities exclusive Happy Face Hints Printable Mazes for kids. Follow the happy faces to find the path through the printed maze. Frowning faces are off the correct path. They're fun worksheets for pre-school, kindergarten, and grade school kids.

Printable Mazes for Kids Kids will have fun with these maze printables which appeal to kids from preschool and kindergarten up to grade school. Teachers may also like to include the theme mazes for kids in their lesson plans. Print and enjoy!

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Famous Face Mazes - NEW

These mazes are all shaped like celebrities of music and TV. They are all amazing people with amazing faces. Now they have truly a-maze-ing faces!

A-maze-ing Face Mazes

Alphabet Letter Shaped Mazes

Each letter of the alphabet is represented in both uppercase and lowercase character shaped mazes. The theme of each maze is based on the letter. For example, in the uppercase A maze, the aarvark must go through the maze to find the ant hill. These mazes certainly make learning the alphabet a lot of fun.

Uppercase Letter Mazes
Lowercase Letter Mazes

Counting Worksheet Mazes

The sets of counting mazes for kids are not traditional mazes with walls. To solve these printable mazes you have to count by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, or 5s to work your way through the maze from start to finish. Print the mazes out, and draw the path as you go.

Counting By 1s Mazes
Counting By 2s Mazes
Counting By 3s Mazes
Counting By 4s Mazes
Counting By 5s Mazes

Special Occasion & Holiday Mazes

All the major holidays and some other occasions are represented by these mazes. Each maze is shaped like something from the holiday. For example there is an egg shaped Easter maze, a Christmas tree shaped Christmas maze, a cake shaped birthday maze, etc. The theme of each maze is based on the holiday. For example, a man holding flowers must go through the maze to find his date in a Valentine's themed maze.

Birthday Mazes
Christmas Mazes
Easter Mazes
Mother's and Father's Day Mazes
Thanksgiving Mazes
Halloween Mazes
Valentine's Day Mazes
St. Patrick's Day Mazes
Other Occasion Mazes

... try more of our holiday printables ...

More Shape Mazes

We have a large variety of shaped mazes covering many different themes. We've grouped them together in the categories listed below. More categories will be added as more and more puzzles are created. As usual, the shape of each maze matches the theme of the maze. So, animal mazes are shaped like animals and vehicle mazes are shaped like vehicles. Fairyt tale maze are shaped like something the represents the fairy tale. For example, the Hansel and Gretel maze is shaped like the candy cottage.

Animal Mazes for Kids
Fairy Tale Mazes
Medieval/Mythical Mazes
Movie Mazes
Music Mazes
Outer Space Mazes
Seasonal Mazes
Sports Mazes
TV Mazes
Vehicle Mazes
More Mazes: Some of the mazes in this section include themes like princesses, pirates, movies, and food.

Rectangular Mazes

These ones are more traditional square and rectangular shaped mazes. The Happy Face Hints mazes are basically traditional mazes with a little twist. If you look at the expressions on the faces, they'll guide you through the mazes. The smiles are the right way, and the frowns take you down wrong paths.

Happy Face Hints Printable Mazes
Small Printable Mazes
Medium Printable Mazes
Large Printable Mazes

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Maze printables are a great activity for kids who like mazes Parents can print the mazes out for their kids at home, or teachers can print them out for fun additions to their lesson plans.

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