Fun Printable Mazes for Kids

Printable Mazes For Kids

These printable mazes for kids, or puzzles and mazes in general, are excellent educational worksheets for developing kids small motor skills and spacial perception skills.
You can print the traditional printable mazes, counting mazes and PrintActivities exclusive Happy Face Hints Printable Mazes for kids. Follow the happy faces to find the path through the printed maze. Frowning faces are off the correct path. They're fun worksheets for pre-school, kindergarten, and grade school kids.

Printable Mazes for Kids Kids will have fun with these maze printables which appeal to kids from preschool and kindergarten up to grade school. Teachers may also like to include the theme mazes for kids in their lesson plans. Print and enjoy!

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Happy Face Hints Printable Mazes

For these mazes for kids, follow the happy faces to the end of the maze. The frowning faces are off the correct path.

9x12 Mazes:
Happy Face Maze 1
Happy Face Maze 2
Happy Face Maze 3
Happy Face Maze 4

Alphabet Letter Shaped Mazes

All of these printable mazes for kids are in the shape of a letter of the alphabet. The theme of each of the mazes is based on the letter of the alphabet. Print for your kids and enjoy.

A Maze: The Aardvark is looking for the Ant hill.
a Maze: The alligator is hungry for an apple.
B Maze: The Bear is hungry for Bananas.
b Maze: The boy is trying to catch a balloon.
C Maze: Calvin the Cat wants to nibble on a Carrot
c Maze: The car is going to pick up some corn
D Maze: The dragon wants to battle the dinosaur.
d Maze: The dog wants to get to his doghouse.
E Maze: The elephant is trying to get to the elevator.
e Maze: The eagle is flying to the elf.
F Maze: The feather will tickle the foot.
f Maze: The frog wants to jump onto the finger.
G Maze: The goose is looking for more of her golden eggs.
g Maze: The gorilla want to find the grapes.
H Maze: The hammer is needed at the hospital.
h Maze: The helicopter is going to pick up the hippo.
I Maze: The insect wants to land on the ice cream.
i Maze: The infant is looking for the igloo.
J Maze: The jet is flying to Jamaica.
j Maze: Hide the jewelry in the jack-o-lantern.
K Maze: .
k Maze: The king is looking for his kangaroo.
L Maze: The lion is looking for a lamp.
l Maze: The leopard is chasing leaves.
M Maze:
m Maze:
N Maze: The nurse is looking for a needle.
n Maze: The ninja is missing his newspaper.
O Maze: The octopus is thristy for orange juice.
o Maze: The orangutan would like to meet the ostrich.
P Maze: The pony is looking for peanuts.
p Maze: The prince is searching for his princess.
Q Maze: The queen lost a quarter.
q Maze: The quintuplets are looking for their quilt.
R Maze: The rabbit wants a radish.
r Maze: The robot is going to the rainbow.
S Maze: The snake is slithering to the snail.
s Maze: The spider is sneaking up on the skunk.
T Maze: Tito the turtle wants to taste the tulips.
t Maze: Tubby the toad is going toward the trumpet.
U Maze: The umpire lost his umbrella.
u Maze:
V Maze: The vulture is trying to catch the vole.
v Maze: Veer the viking to the viking ship.
W Maze: The whale wishes he had some watermelon.
w Maze: The warrior is looking for his whip.
X Maze: The boy wants to play the xylophone.
x Maze: The patient needs to have an x-ray.
Y Maze: Yeardly the Yak lost his Yo-Yo.
y Maze: The yowling dog is looking for his yard
Z Maze: Zorbo the Zebra is on the way to the Zoo.
z Maze: The boy needs to zip up the zipper.

Counting Worksheet Mazes

The sets of counting mazes for kids are not traditional mazes with walls. To solve these printable mazes you have to count by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, or 5s to work your way through the maze from start to finish. Print the mazes out, and draw the path as you go.

Counting By 1s Mazes
Counting By 2s Mazes
Counting By 3s Mazes
Counting By 4s Mazes
Counting By 5s Mazes

Special Occasion & Holiday Mazes

Birthday Mazes

These birthday mazes for kids each have a birthday theme, either a balloon or a cake.

Birthday Maze 1: Balloon shape
Birthday Maze 2: Cake shape

Christmas Mazes

These Christmas mazes for kids have a variety of Christmas icons including a Christmas tree, angels, Santa, a stocking, Santa's sleigh and Santa's toy sack.

Christmas Tree Maze: Christmas Tree
Christmas Angel Maze: Help the angel find his halo
Christmas Angel Maze 2: Help Santa find his lost presents
Santa Maze: Help Santa find his reindeer
Christmas Stocking Maze: Hang the stocking on the fireplace
Santa's Sleigh Maze: Help Santa find the next house
Santa's Toy Sack Maze: Help the elf get the toy sack to Santa's sleigh
Reindeer Maze: Fly Santa through the maze to deliver presents to the house.

Easter Mazes

These Easter mazes are a great addition to an Easter basket. Enjoy the egg shaped or the bunny shaped maze.

Easter Maze 1: Guide the Easter Bunny through the egg maze to find his basket of eggs.
Easter Maze 2: Help the bunny through the maze to find his Easter eggs.

Mother's and Father's Day Mazes

These Mother's and Father's Day mazes for kids are a perfect activity to keep kids busy on mom or dad's special day.

Mothers Day Maze: Shaped like the word MOM
Dad Maze: Shaped like word DAD

Thanksgiving Mazes

The turkey shaped maze is a fun addition to Thanksgiving day festivities.

Thanksgiving Turkey Maze: Help the lady get the turkey through the turkey shaped maze to the dinner table
Leaf Maze: Help the Pilgrim catch a turkey through the leaf shaped maze

Halloween Mazes

This great collection of Halloween mazes for kids is a wonderful way to keep kids entertained leading up to the exciting evening of trick-or-treating.

Halloween Maze 1: Frankenstein shape
Halloween Maze 2: Frankenstein's face
Halloween Maze 3: Grim Reaper Maze
Halloween Maze 4: Jack-O-Lantern shape
Halloween Maze 5: Mummy shape
Halloween Maze 6: Witch's Hat
Halloween Maze 7: Vampire shape
Witch Maze 1: Witch's Cauldron
Witch Maze 2: Help the witch through the maze to her potion book.

Valentine's Day Mazes

The Valentine's Day mazes in the shape of either a heart or the word love are a fun addition to a Valentine's card.

Heart Maze: Heart shape. Help the boy find the girl.
Valentine Maze: Word LOVE shaped. Guide cupid to the heart.

St. Patrick's Day Mazes

This St. Patrick's day maze in the shape of a four leaf clover is a fun activity on St. Partick's day. Try using a green pencil or crayon.

St Patricks Day Maze: Four leaf clover shape

Other Occasion Mazes

These occasions may not be holidays but they are important. These mazes commemorate those occasions

Large Breast Cancer Awareness Maze: Full page pink ribbon maze.
Small Breast Cancer Awareness Maze: Scaled down pink ribbon maze. Perfect for a newsletter.

... try more of our holiday printables ...

Fairy Tale Mazes

The fairy tale mazes for kids that we have available are excellent companion activities to go with a child's favorite fairy tale.

Cinderella Printable Maze: Guide the lost slipper to her foot.
Billy Goats Gruff Printable Maze: Get the goat to the bridge.
Fairy Godmother Printable Maze: Help the fairy godmother find her wand.
Hansel and Gretel Printable Maze: Help Hansel find Gretel.
Jack and the Beanstalk Printable Maze: Get Jack to the top of the cloud.
Rapunzel Printable Maze: Guide Rapunzel down from the tower.
Snow White Printable Maze: Guide the evil Queen to Snow White.
Three Little Pigs Printable Maze 1: Help the wolf blow his way to the pig.
Three Little Pigs Printable Maze 2: Help the pig find more sticks.

Sports Mazes

The sports mazes for kids are amazing activity pages for any kids with a favorite sport, or one who loves all sports.

Baseball Maze: Help the baseball player find his baseball.
Basketball Maze: Help the basketball through the maze to its net.
Bobsled Maze: Guide the bobsleigh to the gold medal.
Boxing Maze: Glove shape. Guide the boxer to his opponent.
Equestrian Horse Maze: Get the horse to the next jump.
Figure Skating Maze 1: Guide the figure skater to her partner.
Figure Skating Maze 2: Guide the figure skater to the gold medal.
Football Maze 1: Help the football player find the ball
Football Maze 2: Helmet shape. Guide the hapless player to his helmet
Hockey Maze 1: Help the hockey player through the skate maze to the net.
Hockey Maze 2: Guide the hockey player through the player maze to win gold.
Hockey Maze 3: Guide the hockey player through the maze to the net.
Hockey Maze 4: Shoot the puck thru the maze towards to goalie.
Hockey Maze 5: Guide the player to the goalie
Hockey Maze 6: Get the player thru the maze to win the Stanley Cup.
Olympic Maze 1: Vancouver 2010
Olympic Maze 2: Sochi 2014
Olympic Maze 3: Olympic torch.
Ping Pong Maze: Paddle shape. Hit the ball across the table.
Skiing Maze 1: Guide the skier to the ski hill.
Skiing Maze 2: Guide the skier on the left to her friend on the right
Skiing Maze 3: Help the skier to get the gold medal.
Skiing Maze 4: Help the ski jumper win the gold medal.
Skiing Maze 5: Guide the downhill skier to the finish line.
Snowboarding Maze: Guide the snowboarder to a podium finish.
Soccer Maze: Help the soccer player find the goal.
Speed Skating Maze 1: Guide the skater to the finish line.
Speed Skating Maze 2: Help the speed skater win a gold medal.
Swimming Maze: Get the swimmer through the maze and into the water.
Swimming Maze: Guide the competitive swimmer to a gold medal

Seasonal Mazes

The seasonal mazes for kids are wonderful companion activities for the four seasons. There's an acorn maze, a leaf maze, the sun, an ice cream cone, a flower, the word April, and a snowman.

Fall Maze 1: Acorn shape. Help the squirrel find his acorns.
Fall Maze 2: Leaf shape with Thanksgiving theme.
Summer Maze 1: Sun shape. Help the little girl find her brother at the beach.
Summer Maze 2: Ice cream cine shape. Help the mom and kids find their ice cream cones.
Spring Flower Maze: Help the boy find the flowers to water.
Spring Maze: APRIL shape. Help the girl find the flowers to pick.
Winter Maze: Snowman shape

Animal Mazes for Kids

We have a huge selection of animal mazes for kids. There are all types of animals with a variety of mammals, amphibians, birds, and fish.

Beaver Maze: Help the beaver find more trees.
Bird Maze: Guide the bird to its nest.
Bird Maze 2: Help the chick find its family.
Butterfly Maze: Help the butterfly migrate to a warmer place.
Cat Maze: Help the cat catch the mouse.
Chicken Maze: Take the egg basket to the henhouse
Chipmunk Maze: Help the chipmunk find the nuts
Cow Maze: Guide the cow to the farm's field
Dinosaur Maze 1: Help the dinosaur find trees to eat.
Dinosaur Maze 2: Help the stegosaurus find her nest of eggs.
Dog Maze 1: Help the dog find its ball.
Dog Maze 2: Help the dog bury its bone.
Dog Maze 3: Guide the dog to the newspaper.
Duck Maze: Help the mother duck find her chicks
Elephant Maze 1: Guide the mother elephant thru the maze to her baby.
Elephant Maze 2: Guide the elephant from the top to the tree at the bottom.
Fish Maze 1: Get through the maze from head to tail.
Fish Maze 2: Go through the crab shaped maze from start to finish.
Fish Maze 3: Go through the seahorse maze from start to finish.
Frog Maze: Teach the frog the path to the flies.
Goat Maze: Guide the goat to the field
Gorilla Maze 1: Guide the gorilla to the bananas.
Gorilla Maze 2: Get the gorilla to its jungle home.
Horse Maze: Help the jockey and horse jump the fence.
Horse Maze: Help the girl ride her horse to the field.
Horse Maze: Shaped like a knight riding horseback.
Koala Maze: Help the koala find its friend in the tree.
Horse Maze 2: Guide the boy and horse up the mountain.
Horse Maze 3: Guide the rearing horse to its friends.
Lamb Maze: Guide the lamb to its mother
Monkey Maze : Help the monkey find the giraffe.
Penguin Maze: Help the penguin find a fish.
Pig Maze: Show the pig the way to the mud
Polar Bear Maze: Help the polar bear find the seal.
Rhino Maze: Guide the rhino to a bush to eat.
Turtle Maze: Help the turtle find water.

Medieval/Mythical Mazes

The medieval and mythical mazes for kids are a great addition to medieval themed lesson plans or just fun at home. Pick either a castle, dragon, knight or unicorn maze.

Castle Maze: Guide the knight to the archer at the top of the castle
Dragon Maze: Show the way to slay the dragon.
Knight Maze: Guide the knight to the dragon.
Knight Maze: Go from Start to Finish thru the maze.
Unicorn Maze: Help the princess find her castle.

Outer Space Mazes

These outer space mazes for kids are a lot of fun. Choose one of the alien mazes or an astronaut maze.

Alien Maze: Guide the alien to its spaceship.
Alien Maze 2: Guide the UFO to its home planet.
Astronaut Maze: Guide the astronaut to his spaceship

Vehicle Mazes

These vehicle mazes for kids are fun for trips, in anticipation for a trip, or just an activity for home.

Airplane Maze: Guide the pilot to his plane
Airplane Maze 2: Guide the parachuter to a safe landing
City Vehicle Maze: Get the ambulance to the hospital
Blimp Maze: Guide the blimp to a safe landing
Boat Maze: Help the boy get to the sailboat
Gas Pump Maze: Get the gas into the car
Car Maze: Guide the car to the gas pump
Cruise Ship Maze 1: Guide the swimmer to the pool
Cruise Ship Maze 2: Get the family to their vacation
Cruise Ship Maze 3: Go from Start to Finish
Truck Maze: Help the lady get her garbage to the truck
Helicopter Maze: Land the helicopter on the helipad
Hot Air Balloon Maze: Fly the balloon over the city
Snowmobile Maze: Help the riders on the left catch their friends
Truck Maze: Get the plow to the city streets
Taxi Maze: Help the man hail a cab
Train Maze: Get the lady through the train and to her meeting

More 15x15 Mazes

If you couldn't find the right maze for your kids from the above choices, then maybe one of these mazes will be a good fit.

Boat Maze: Get the life jacket to the water skier
Pirate Maze: Swing the pirate through the maze to find the pirate ship.
Princess Maze: Guide the princess to her knight.
Princess Maze: Help the princess find her tray of tea.
Thumb Up Maze: Guide the script writer to his award.
Movie Clapboard Maze: Guide the actor to the director.
Retro Phone Maze: Upgrade from the old retro phone to a new phone
Mystery Man: Use the magnifying glass to find the money
Cupcake: Take the cupcake to the boy

Small Printable Mazes

4 Small Mazes
2 Small Mazes: 10x10
1 Small Maze: 9x12

Medium Printable Mazes

Medium Maze: 18x18
Medium Maze: 14x14
15x15 Maze 1
15x15 Maze 2, 15x15 Maze 3

Large Printable Mazes

21x28: Large Maze 1, Large Maze 2

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Maze printables are a great activity for kids who like mazes Parents can print the mazes out for their kids at home, or teachers can print them out for fun additions to their lesson plans.

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