Baseball Printables & Coloring for Kids

Baseball Printables

The following baseball printables are excellent activities for kids to enjoy their favorite sport, especially if they can't currently be directly involved in the sport. The baseball printables currently available on here are word search puzzles, dot-to-dot printables, a shaped maze, counting mazes, baseball coloring pages, preschool tracing pages, cryptogram puzzles, and more.

Baseball is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from preschool and kindergarten to grade school and beyond. Baseball printables are great activity pages and worksheets for doing after school, at a restaurant, on a long car ride, or anywhere the child may have some time. Parents can use these baseball printables at home with there kids or teachers can print them for their kids at school. Print and enjoy some of these fun and educational worksheets.

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Baseball Mazes

These baseball mazes are fun and educational. The first type is the traditional kind of maze with walls and false paths. The second type of maze is navigated by counting. Either count by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, or 5s to get from the start to finish. Your kids will enjoy these baseball printables.

Baseball Maze: Help the baseball player find his ball thru the cap shaped maze
Counting By 1s Baseball Maze: Get the baseball from the pitcher to catcher.
Counting By 2s Baseball Maze: Help the player hit the ball thru the maze.
Counting By 3s Baseball Maze: Pitch the ball to the catcher.
Counting By 4s Baseball Maze: Guide the baseball to the players.
Counting By 5s Baseball Maze: Show the baseball the path to the fielder.

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Baseball Word Search Puzzle

These baseball word searches are a great activity for kids who love baseball. They each have around 20 words and a message can be read from the uncircled letters of the puzzle

Baseball Word Search 1: General baseball words
Baseball Word Search 2: Baseball Equipment
MLB Baseball Locales
MLB Baseball Teams

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Baseball Dot to Dot Printables

The baseball dot to dot printable is great for kids learning to count up to 25. Start at 1 and count by ones. Then the baseball image will appear on the page.

Baseball Dot to Dot: Baseball bat and ball (1-25)

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Baseball Cryptogram Puzzles

The printable cryptogram puzzles use letter substitutions to create the puzzles. For example all A's may be replaced with Q's, all B's with R's, etc. With cryptogram puzzles, whole sentences or even paragraphs are encrypted. Each printable cryptogram puzzle uses a different letter substitution encryption. There is 1 puzzle page with 3 cryptogram puzzles and a solution page.

Baseball Cryptograms 1
Baseball Cryptograms 2

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Baseball Crypto-Families Puzzles

Crypto-families are lists of words that are encrypted by letter substitutions. For example all A's may be replaced with Q's, all B's with R's, etc. Each family of words uses a different letter substitution encryption. There are puzzle pages and a solution page. One puzzle page has 4 lists, but no clues to the words other than the title. The second puzzle page has three crypto-families and a list of all the words from the three lists (in alphabetical order). This will be easier for younger kids who may find the encryption difficult to solve.

4 Baseball Crypto-Families: General Words, Equipment, Some MLB Team Names, and Famous All-Time Players
3 Baseball Crypto-Families with Word List: General Words, Equipment, Some MLB Team Names
Baseball Crypto-Families Solutions: Solutions to all 4 families of words

Baseball Boggle Pages

It's the classic word game where you try to find as many words in the grid of letters as you can. The person with the most and/or longest unique words in their list wins the boggle game. For more details on how to play boggle: Boggle Word Game Instructions

4x4 Baseball game
5x5 Baseball game

Baseball Coloring Pages

Baseball coloring pages are wonderful worksheets for baseball loving kids. We have a great variety of coloring pages ranging from batters, pitchers, catchers, fielders, umpires and more. There are pictures of boys and girls playing baseball and every position is covered. You're bound to find a baseball picture that your young one(s) will love to color.

Baseball bat coloring page: Bat and ball
Baseball Batter coloring page 1: Batter gets a bad pitch
Baseball Batter coloring page 2: Batter ready for pitch
Baseball Batter coloring page 3: Girl batter 1
Baseball Batter coloring page 4: Girl batter 2
Baseball Batter coloring page 5: Bear batter
Baseball Catcher coloring page 1: Catcher: front view
Baseball Catcher coloring page 2: Catcher: side view
Baseball Catcher coloring page 3: Dog catcher
Baseball Fielder coloring page 1: Fielder waiting in outfield
Baseball Fielder coloring page 2: Fielder running to catch ball
Baseball Fielder coloring page 3: Fielder diving for ball
Baseball Pitcher coloring page 4: Pitcher preparing to pitch
Baseball Pitcher coloring page 5: Pitcher at end of throwing motion
Baseball Umpire coloring page 1: Umpire calling runner safe
Baseball Umpire coloring page 2: Umpire calling runner out
Baseball Player coloring page 1: Baseball player: boy with bat and ball
Baseball Player coloring page 2: Baseball player sliding to the base
Baseball Player coloring page 3: Wheelchair Player
Baseball Player coloring page 4: Benched player covered in cobwebs
Baseball coloring page 1: Grandpa and grandson 3
Baseball coloring page 2: Mom and son
... more Baseball Coloring Pages

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Baseball Tracing Worksheet

This baseball tracing worksheet is great for helping kids with their dexterity with a crayon or pencil. It's a perfect worksheet for preschool kids. Tracing shapes is a great stepping stone to learning how to print.

Baseball Tracing Worksheet: Trace the baseballs so the batter can see them

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Baseball printables are a wonderful way for kids from preschool to grade school to enjoy their favorite sport with additional fun activities!

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