Dot-to-dot Printables: Kid's Number Puzzles

Number Dot to Dot Printables

Number dot to dot printables (or connect the dots worksheets) are a fun way for kids to learn their numbers and number order. These dot to dot printables are easy for pre-school and kindergarten kids to connect the dots to reveal the final picture. Dot to dot printables are also a great way to improve hand-eye coordination in kids. Print out the number dot-to-dot sheets for some educational fun.

Dot to Dot Printables These dot-to-dot worksheet printables cover a wide range on fun themes and range in difficulty from preschool to grade school level. Teachers may also like to include the dot-to-dot worksheets as part of their curriculum. Click anywhere on the printable dot to dot image to return to this page. Have fun!

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Seasonal Dot to Dot Printables

These seasonal number dot to dot sheets are a fun way to celebrate the changing seasons.

Fall Leaf Dot to Dot: Autumn Leaves (1-48)
Fall Tree Dot to Dot: Autumn Tree (1-75)
Winter Snowflake Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-78)
Winter Snowman Dot to Dot: (1-32)
Spring Flower Dot to Dot: (1-47)
Summer Sun Dot to Dot: Sun and cloud (1-56)
Summer Dot to Dot: Ice cream cone (1-41)

Special Occasion / Holiday Dot-to-Dot Sheets

Holidays are the perfect time to print off some dot to dot sheets to help celebrate the holiday. The number range from low double digits to midsized double digits.

Birthday Cake Dot to Dot: (1-40)
Christmas Tree Dot to Dot: (1-19)
Christmas Dot to Dot 1: Mistletoe (1-46)
Christmas Dot to Dot 2: Santa's Sleigh (1-65)
Christmas Dot to Dot 3: Wrapped Gift (1-34)
Easter Dot to Dot 1: Decorated Easter Egg (1-33)
Easter Dot to Dot 2: A Bunny (1-41)
Fathers Day Dot to Dot: Happy Father's Day (1-44, 1-66, 1-22)
Halloween Dot to Dot 1: Frankenstein (1-48)
Halloween Dot to Dot 2: Jack-O-Lantern (1-50)
Halloween Dot to Dot 3: Vampire(1-47)
Halloween Dot to Dot 4: Witch's Cauldron (1-62)
Hanukkah Dot to Dot 1: Star of David (1-23)
Hanukkah Dot to Dot 2: Menorah (1-104)
Mothers Day Dot to Dot: Happy Mother's Day (1-44, 1-68, 1-22)
St. Patrick's Day Dot to Dot: Four Leaf Clover (1-40)
Valentine Heart Dot to Dot: Heart (1-37)
Valentine Love Dot to Dot: The Word "Love" (1-37)
... try more of our holiday printables ...

Alphabet Dot-to-Dots Worksheets

We have all the letters of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase in our set of alphabet dot to dot worksheets.

A & a
B & b
C & c
D & d
E & e
F & f
G & g
H & h
I & i
J & j
K & k
L & l
M & m
N & n
O & o
P & p
Q & q
R & r
S & s
T & t
U & u
V & v
W & w
X & x
Y & y
Z & z

Animal Dot-to-Dot Printables

Our animal dot to dot printables cover a wide range of animals and a broad range of numbers. Choose your favorite animal and have fun.

Bird Dot to Dot: Bird Soaring (1-28)
Cat Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-91)
Cow Dot-to-Dot Puzzle: Numbers (1-90)
Dinosaur Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-62)
Dog Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-75)
Dove Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-40)
Duck Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-24)
Frog Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-60)
Horse Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-66)
Lamb Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-52)
Monkey Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-60)
Penguin Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-60)
Pig Dot-to-Dot: Numbers (1-69)
Polar Bear Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-69)
Rooster Dot-to-Dot: Numbers (1-81)
Sheep Dot to Dot: Numbers (1-51)
Turtle Dot-to-Dot: Numbers (1-35)

Mythical / Medieval Dot-to-Dot Sheets

These mythical and medieval dot to dot sheets are fun for home and a great addition to a school lesson plan. Numbers range from low double digits to high double digits.

Castle Dot-to-Dot Puzzle: (1-58)
Dragon Dot to Dot: (1-98)
Knight Dot to Dot: Knight's Helmet (1-47)
Unicorn Dot to Dot: (1-28)

Outer Space Dot-to-Dot Worksheets

The outer space dot to dot pages and the alien dot to dot worksheets range from low double digits to high double digits.

Alien Dot to Dot 1: Alien shape (1-78)
Alien 2 Dot to Dot 2: Alien Shape (1-49)
Alien Dot to Dot 3: UFO (1-34)
Alien Dot to Dot 4: UFO 2 (1-33)
Alien Dot to Dot 5: UFO 3 (1-24)
Astronaut Dot to Dot 1: Side View (1-47)
Astronaut Dot to Dot 2: Front View (1-69)
Space Dot to Dot: Planet with rings (1-33)
Telescope Dot to Dot: Telescope (1-24)

Pirate Dot-to-Dot Printables

The number dot to dot worksheet is a great activity page for boys. It requires knowledge of numbers in the high double digits.

Pirate Dot to Dot: Jolly Roger (Skull and Crossbones) (1-72)

Princess Dot-to-Dot Sheet

Girls will love the princess dot to dot sheet. It's a large dot to dot requiring knowledge of number over 100.

Princess Dot to Dot: Beautiful Princess (1-98)

Sport Dot-to-Dot Worksheets

The sport dot to dot worksheets cover a wide range of sports. Choose your child's favorite sport and enjoy the printable fun.

Sport Dot to Dot 1: Baseball bat and ball (1-25)
Sport Dot to Dot 2: Basketball (1-22)
Sport Dot to Dot 3: Football (1-69)
Sport Dot to Dot 4: Football helmet (1-29)
Sport Dot to Dot 5: Hockey stick and puck (1-18)
Sport Dot to Dot 6: Skier Dot-to-Dots puzzle (1-51)
Sport Dot to Dot 7: Snowboarding Dot-to-Dot (1-50)
Sport Dot to Dot 8: Soccer Dot-to-Dots puzzle (1-36)
Sport Dot to Dot 9: Olympic Rings (1-87)

Vehicle Dot-to-Dot Worksheets

Airplane Dot to Dot: Connect the dots from 1 to 47
Hot Air Balloon Dot to Dot: Connect the dots from 1 to 34

More Dot-to-Dot Printables

These number dot to dot printables are two per page and generally have a smaller number range.

Phone and Dove Dot to Dot: Dove (1-37), Phone (1-26)
Plane and Heart Dot to Dot: Heart(1-13), Plane (1-19)
Lips and Hourglass Dot to Dot: Lips (1-15), Hourglass (1-22)
Hand and Star Dot to Dot: Star (1-10), Hand (1-24)
Thumb and Trash Can Dot to Dot: Thumbs Up (1-24), Trash Can (1-20)

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