Printable Frankenstein Activities

Printable Frankenstein Activities

Mary Shelley brought to life the classic monster of Frankenstein. Nowadays, around halloween time, images of the monster can be found everywhere, including these printable activity pages. The following Frankenstein printables are fun and educational activities for kids who are fascinated by scary creatures and monsters. The printable monster pages currently available on this site are word search puzzles, dot-to-dot printables, Frankenstein coloring pages, and mazes.

Printable Frankenstein activities are perfect for doing at a restaurant, long car ride, an activity for Halloween, or anywhere the child may have some time. Print and enjoy them with your pre-school, kindergarten, or grade school aged kids. Teachers may also print them for use in the classroom. If you enjoy these worksheets and activity pages, then please tell a friend.

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Frankenstein Word Search Puzzles

These Frankenstein word searches each have 20 words to find in the 15x15 grid. The words can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Once all the letters of all the words have been circled you can read a "fact" about Frankenstein in the remaining letters. Read the letters starting at the top, and reading from left to right until you reach the bottom.

Frankenstein Word Search: General words about the monster
Frankenstein Word Search 2: Movies with Frankenstein a character.

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Frankenstein Mazes

We have 2 kinds of Frankenstein mazes. The first type of maze is the traditional kind with walls and false paths. These mazes are shaped like Frankenstein and are quite stunning. The 2nd type of maze are the 5 counting mazes. You must count by either 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, or 5s to find your way from the start to the finish.

Tradional Mazes

These mazes are each shaped like Frankenstein in some way. Try not to get stuck in the false paths.

Frankenstein Maze: Shaped like a walking Frankenstein. Get his body thru the maze to find his head.
Frankenstein Maze 2: Shaped like Frankenstein's head. Guide him thru the maze to the cemetery.

Counting Mazes

These mazes are a great addition to math lessons. They're great for reinforcing addition skills by continually adding numbers from 1 to 5 to complete the worksheets. Start at the smallest number in the grid and draw a path by connecting the numbers in order up to the highest number. There are no walls in these mazes. If they are completed correctly then each square in the grid will be connected by the path thru the number grid.

Counting By 1s Maze: Guide Frankenstein to his lost head.
Counting By 2s Maze: Help Dr. Frankenstein create the monster.
Counting By 3s Maze: Frankenstein is looking for his family.
Counting By 4s Maze: Help Frankenstein find his friend.
Counting By 5s Maze: Guide Dr. Frankenstein to the monster.

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Frankenstein Dot to Dot Puzzle

The Frankenstein dot to dot worksheet is terrific for number recognition and sequencing. It's great for younger school aged kids, especially leading up to Halloween. It's fun to see the image appear when the numbered dot are connected properly.

Frankenstein Dot to Dot Worksheet: Numbers from 1 to 48

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Frankenstein Boggle Pages

Boggle is the classic word game where you try to find as many words in the grid of letters as you can. The person with the most and/or longest unique words in their list wins the boggle game. For more details on how to play boggle: Boggle Word Game Instructions

4x4 Frankenstein game
5x5 Frankenstein game

Frankenstein Coloring Pages

Here is a sampling of our Frankenstein coloring pictures. The are images of the monster in a variety of situations and poses, like an angry monster, with his family, recharging, walking, and so on. If you can't find a coloring image to print from here then follow the link at the bottom of the list to our full selection of Frankenstein coloring pages.

Frankenstein Coloring Page: An angry monster breaking a computer.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 2: Assembling Frankenstein's body parts.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 3: Trying to bowl with friends.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 4: Standing with his family.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 5: Holding balloons.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 7: Happily licking a sucker.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 8: Frankenstein loses his head.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 9: Being recharged with booster cables attached to his head.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 10: Running Frankenstein.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 11: Smiling Frankenstein.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 12: Scary face.
Frankenstein Coloring Page 13: Walking with arms extended forward.
... more Frankenstein Coloring Pages
Frankentein and mermaid costumes

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Did You Know...

  • Frankentein was written in 1818 by May Shelley at the age of 19.
  • Frankenstein was actually the name of the creator of the monster and not the monster's name itself. In the story, the monster is never given a name. Words like monster, creature, fiend and wretch were used to refer to the monster.
  • There is a lot of speculation about the origin of the name Frankentstein. It is speculated that Mary Shelley and her husband visited Castle Frankenstein on their way to Switzerland, where she originally conceived the story. Frankenstein is also a common german name. Shelley herself claimed that the name came from a dream-vision.
  • The full title of the novel is "Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus". It is said to refer to the Greek titan Prometheus who was credited with creating mankind.
  • Many films about Frankenstein have been released, but most have strayed from the original plot of a young naive scientist creating a misunderstood but innocent creature. In films now, the scientist is older and arrogant (often a mad scientist type of character) and the creature is more sensational in its looks and actions.

Frankenstein printables are a fun way for kids who like scary creatures to keep busy!

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