Printable Mummy Activities: Coloring, Puzzles & More

Printable Mummy Activities

These free printable mummy activities are terrificly fun worksheets for children who are fascinated and amazed by scary monsters or the ancient Egyptian ritual of mummification. The free mummy printables currently available on this site are word search puzzles, mummy coloring pages, a mummy shaped maze, and more. Print and enjoy these fun and educational worksheets with your pre-school, kindergarten, or grade school kids! The coloring pages and shaped maze are great for younger children. The mummy word puzzles are more suitable for the older kids.

Mummy printables are the perfect activity for a long car ride, keeping occupied at a restaurant, as an activity for Halloween, or anywhere the child or children may have free time. Parents can freely print these for their kids use or teachers may want to use them as part of a classroon lesson plan.

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Mummy Mazes

These mummy mazes are fun and educational. We have two types of mazes. The first kind shaped in the mummy theme. It's a typical maze with walls and false paths. The second type doesn't have walls. They are counting mazes. You have to draw a path connecting all the numbers in order from the lowest to the highest by counting by ones, twos, threes, fours, or fives.

Mummy Maze: Guide the mummy through the mummy shaped maze to his pyramid.
Counting By 1s Maze: A mummy is chasing an archaeologist.
Counting By 2s Maze: The mummy is going to his coffin.
Counting By 3s Maze: Take to muumy to his grave.
Counting By 4s Maze: The mummy is going to roast a hotdog.
Counting By 5s Maze: Guide the mummy to the cemetary.

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Mummy Word Search Puzzles

These mummy word search puzzles each have 20 words or phrases to find in the 15x15 grid of letters. The words can by horizontal, vertical, or diagonal in the grid. Circle each letter of each word. The uncircled letters contain a fact about mummies in the remaining letters if read from left to right, top-down.

Mummy Word Search: Words about Egyptian mummies
Mummy Word Search 2: More words about Egyptian mummies

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Mummy Boggle Pages

Boggle is the classic word game where you try to find as many words in the grid of letters as you can. The person with the most and/or longest unique words in their list wins the boggle game. For more details on how to play boggle: Boggle Word Game Instructions
4x4 Mummy game
5x5 Mummy game

Mummy Coloring Pages

We have a fun selection of muumy coloring pictures available to print. They are fairly cartoonish images with mummies in a variety of situations. This is just a sampling of our full set of mummy coloring pages. If you don't find a picture you want in this list, then follow the link at the bottom of the list for our full selection of images.

Mummy Coloring Page: Archaeologist and mummy.
Mummy Coloring Page 2: Coming out of a Coffin.
Mummy Coloring Page 3: Someone in a costume.
Mummy Coloring Page 4: Unravelling and falling apart.
Mummy Coloring Page 5: In the sands of Egypt.
Mummy Coloring Page 6: In a coffin of a museum display.
Mummy Coloring Page 7: Chasing an archaeologist.
Mummy Coloring Page 8: Surprising an ancient egyption man.
Mummy Coloring Page 9: Mummy playing with yoyo.
Mummy Coloring Page 10: A doctor unraveling a mummy.
Mummy Coloring Page 11: Scary Mummy.
Mummy Coloring Page 12: Walking with arms outstretched.
Mummy Coloring Page 13: Proudly wearing its burial jewels.
Mummy Coloring Page 14: Wrapping up a mummy.

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Free Mummy printables are a wonderfully fun way for kids who like scary creatures to keep busy!

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