Pirate Printables: Coloring, Puzzles & More

Pirate Printables

Kids love to pretend they're pirates! They'll dress up like pirates for halloween, or just for fun at home. Why not include some pirate printables as part of their pirate fun. The following pirate activity worksheets are wonderful activities for kids to enjoy their favorite seafaring adventurers.

The pirate printables currently available on this site are word search puzzles, a dot to dot printable, pirate coloring pages, a shaped maze, counting mazes, cryptogram puzzles preschool tracing worksheet, and more. They are perfect for kids of all ages, from preschool up to grade school, to do on a long car ride, at a restaurant, as a loot bag stuffer, or for just keeping on hand for anytime your child may have time. Parents can print them out at home, or preschool and grade school teachers can use them as part of a fun lesson plan. Please print and enjoy these printable pirate pages! If you like them, please pass them on to a friend.

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Pirate Word Search Puzzles

Words About Pirate Life
Pirate Weapons
Pirate Flags - Symbols and Meanings
Famous Pirate Ships
Pirate Stereotypes
Names of Fictional Pirates

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Pirate Mazes

Pirate Maze: Swing the pirate through the maze to find the pirate ship.
Counting By 1s Maze: Get the pirate treasure to the ship.
Counting By 2s Maze: Help the pirate find the ship.
Counting By 3s Maze: The pirates are ready for battle.
Counting By 4s Maze: Guide the pirates to battle.
Counting By 5s Maze: The pirate is searching for his ship.

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Pirate Dot to Dot Puzzle

Jolly Roger (Skull and Crossbones) (1-72)

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Pirate Boggle Pages

Boggle is the classic word game where you try to find as many words in the grid of letters as you can. The person with the most and/or longest unique words in their list wins the boggle game. For more details on how to play boggle: Boggle Word Game Instructions
4x4 Pirate game
5x5 Pirate game

Pirate Coloring Pages

Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship on Stormy Seas
Hook for hand
Wooden leg, hook hand, eye patch, holding flag
In the crow's nest spotting ship
Mutiny from pirate ship
Spotting another ship with telescope
Swabbing the deck of pirate ship
Walking the plank
On pirate ship in windy weather
Charging forward with sword and case
Pirate captain with sword
Carrying treasure on back
Holding a treasure map
Smug looking pirate
Swinging from rope with sword drawn
With treasure and parrot
... more Pirate Coloring Pages

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Pirate printables are ideal activities and worksheets for preschool kids and grade school kids to enjoy their favorite seafaring thieves! Parents can print these at home or teachers can also include these printable worksheets and activity pages as part of their preschool and grade school lesson plans.

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