Holiday and Seasonal Printables for Kids

Holiday Printables for Kids

Here is a collection of holiday coloring pages and other holiday printables.
We currently have Christmas, Easter, Father's Day, Halloween, Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Fourth of July printables available as our Holiday printables on this site. We also have printables for the four seasons. The types of holiday and seasonal printables currently include word search puzzles, coloring pages, maze puzzles, preschool tracing pages and dot-to-dots printables.

There are lots of fun and educational puzzles and worksheets for kids from preschool and kindergarten up to grade school based on the following holiday and seasonal themes. Enjoy these holiday coloring pages and other printables!

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Holiday Printables

Kids adore every single holiday in their own way. Every chance they get to celebrate is a great time to connect with the joy of children. Encourage their enthusiasm by printing some fun and educational activity pages and worksheets for the favorite holidays.

Christmas Printables
Easter Printables
Father's Day Printables
Fourth of July Printables
Halloween Holiday Printables
Hanukkah Printables
Mother's Day Printables
St. Patrick's Day Printables
Thanksgiving Holiday Printables
Valentine Printables

Seasonal Printables

The change of seasons is an exciting time for kids. Leaves changing color in the fall, snow falling in the winter, leaves and flowers bursting to life in the spring, and the heat and fun of summer are all things to look forward to every year. Cherish these changes with your child by printing some of these printable activity pages and working on them together.

Summer Printables
Spring Printables
Winter Printables
Fall Printables

Additional Holiday Printables

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Word Search: Words associated with the odd winter prediction event

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search: Words associated with the civil rights activist

Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday Word Search: Aka Pancake Day, Fat Tuesday, and Mardi Gras
Shrove Tuesday Maze: Shaped like a stack of pancakes
Pancake Day Cryptograms: Overview, Why Pancake?, Another Name Solutions

President's Day

President's Day Word Search #1: The first 22 U.S. Presidents
President's Day Word Search #2: 22 U.S. Presidents from 1889-2015

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Word Search: Words about the observance marking the start of Holy Week.
Palm Sunday Cryptogram Puzzles: Overview, Timing, Palm? Solutions

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Seasonal and holiday printables and coloring pages are a wonderful way for kids from preschool and kindergarten up to grade school to embrace each holiday and celebrate all that the holiday brings. Teachers may even include these pages as part of their holiday and seasonal lesson plans.

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