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Free Fall Coloring Pages

Please enjoy these free fall coloring pages for autumn fun. These coloring sheets are a great fall activity for preschool children, kindergarten kids, or any child who enjoys coloring pages. Fall coloring pages are a colorful way to celebrate the changing seasons. Enjoy the free coloring activity this fall.

Parents can freely print these free fall coloring pages at home for your kids. Teachers can use these worksheets as part of a fun autumn classroom activity. Make sure you have lots of fall colors in your crayon or colored pencils collection.

Just print, add lots of color and have fun! If you enjoy these coloring printables, please let a friend know about them.

Fall Coloring Pages

Fall Harvest Coloring Pages

The fall harvest is an amazing time of year. Colorful vegetables are plentiful and it's time to celebrate with big feasts. To celebrate the autumn harvest, kids will love coloring these harvest pictures. The food is very colorful, so get lots of crayons ready. Just print and enjoy!

Fall Harvest 1: apples, pumpkins, corn
Fall Harvest 2: pumpkin, squash, corn, apple
Fall Harvest 3: lit candle surrounded by veggies
Fall Harvest 4: child hugging pumpkin
Apple Harvest: man holding basket of apples
Pumpkin Harvest: winning pumpkin

Fall Trees and Leaves Coloring Pages

Fall trees are so beautiful. Autumn is probably the most beautiful time of year. Kids who love coloring will love all the colors they can use on these pages. Print some beautiful autumn tree pictures, color, and enjoy.

Fall Leaves 1: a branch of leaves
Fall Leaves 2: leaves and acorns
Fall Leaves 3: 2 leaves
Fall Leaves 4: a few leaves
Fall Tree 1: with leaves still on tree
Fall Tree 2: bare tree and basket of leaves
Fall Trees 1 : a fall scene
Fall Trees 2 : fall scene with several trees

Fall Activities Coloring Pages

The fall is a great time of year to participate in a variety of activities. Taking a walk among the fall trees, raking and jumping in leaves are a few traditional autumn activities. These pages are pictures that depict these activities. Find some you like and have fun.

Fall Walk: Woman and man with leaves falling around them
Fall Walk 2 : Man walking with leaves around him
Playing in Leaves 1: Mom with son jumping in leaves
Playing in Leaves 2: Grandpa with grandson in leaves
Playing in Leaves 3: 3 kids playing in leaves
Playing in Leaves 4: Mom with child in leaves
Playing in Leaves 5: boy in pile of leaves
Boy jumping into leaves with another boy in the leaves
Raking Leaves 1: woman raking
Raking Leaves 2: making a big pile
Raking Leaves 3: man with rake
Raking Leaves 4: girl raking
Raking Leaves 5: grandpa with rake waiting for last leaf to fall

Fall Weather and Calendar Coloring Pages

Fall weather is different from other times of year. The temperature is dropping. The wind is blowing. The leaves are changing. These coloring pictures are great images of this variable fall weather.

Fall Wind: girl walking into strong wind
Fall Wind and Rain: umbrella and leaves blown away
Fall Calendar Page with leaf afraid to fall

Parents can print these fall coloring pages at home for their kids, or teachers can use the autumn coloring pages as part of their fall lesson plans.

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