Printable Baseball Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Baseball Coloring Pages

Do your kids like baseball? Please enjoy the following free printable Baseball Coloring pages. Kids adore coloring and free baseball coloring sheets are a terrific activity to keep kids occupied and having fun on a rainy day, at a restaurant, or on a long drive. We have a huge selection of baseball coloring printables to choose from. There are players at bat, fielders, catchers, umpires, pitchers, boy players, girl players, families playing baseball, and more. You'll surely be able to find a coloring sheet that matches your child's interest.

For kids who love baseball, free baseball coloring pages can keep them busy doing a fun baseball related activity. Parents can print them for their own kids or teachers can include them as a fun classroom activity. Just print, add lots of colors, and enjoy.

Baseball Coloring Pages

We have a large selection of baseball coloring pages. We have batters, fielder, catchers, pitchers, umpires, families playing ball and much more. You're bound to find some baseball coloring printables that your kids will enjoy.

Baseball Batters

The first thing people think of about baseball is actually hitting the ball. That's why these baseball batter coloring pages are so popular.

Batter Baseball Coloring Page 1: Batter watches ball hit the plate.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 2: Boy batter is twirling bat waiting for the pitch.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 3: Man with moustache at bat.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 4: Smiling boy at bat.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 5: Worried looking boy at bat.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 6: Goofy and awkward looking guy at bat.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 7: Batter trying to hit a ball that has a lot of movement.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 8: Boy batter keeping his eye on the ball.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 9: Realistic looking drawing of a batter.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 10: Batter trying to hit the ball at knee level.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 11: Guy with awkward stance at bat.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 12: Batter anxiously waiting to swing at the ball.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 13: This batter looks more like a golfer with his swing.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 14: Off balance batter.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 15: Batter sticking his tongue out, ready to hit.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 16: Batter ready to hit the ball.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 17: Batter right after finishing his swing.
Batter Baseball Coloring Page 18: Batter ready to bunt.

Baseball Catchers Coloring Pages

Catchers are an important part of any team. If your child is a catcher, then he or she may enjoy one of these coloring printables.

Catcher Coloring Page 1: Front view of smiling catcher.
Catcher Coloring Page 2: Side view of catcher ready for a pitch.
Catcher Coloring Page 3: Boy catcher looking slightly worried.

Baseball Fielders

For all the fielders out these, try some of these fun baseball coloring pages. There are a variety of fielding situations depicted on these coloring pictures. Print some and enjoy.

Fielder Coloring Page 1: Fielder waiting with sunglasses on.
Fielder Coloring Page 2: Running back to catch the ball.
Fielder Coloring Page 3: Jumping up to catch the ball.
Fielder Coloring Page 4: Witch glove down waiting for ball to roll to him.
Fielder Coloring Page 5: Boy trying to catch ball.
Fielder Coloring Page 6: Diving to catch the ball
Fielder Coloring Page 7: 2 Fielders trying to catch the ball.
Fielder Coloring Page 8: Fielding error when ball hits players head.
Fielder Coloring Page 9: Fielding error. Misses the ball in his glove and hits him on the head.
Fielder Coloring Page 10: Fielding error. Ball lands at boy's feet.
Fielder Coloring Page 11: Running and jumping to catch ball.

Baseball Pitchers

Pitching takes great precision and strength. These baseball coloring pictures depict a variety of pitching poses and stances. Find some coloring sheets that your little pitcher will enjoy coloring.

Pitcher Coloring Page 1: Boy on mound staring toward batter.
Pitcher Coloring Page 2: Pitcher immediately following the release of the ball.
Pitcher Coloring Page 3: With ball in hand in the middle of the pitching motion.
Pitcher Coloring Page 4: Witch leg up in the middle of his wind-up.
Pitcher Coloring Page 5: Literally twisted up in his wind-up.
Pitcher Coloring Page 6: Getting ready to pitch.
Pitcher Coloring Page 7: Young boy pitching.
Pitcher Coloring Page 8: Boy with ball in glove behind back, staring down batter.
Pitcher Coloring Page 9: Tosses ball in his hand.
Pitcher Coloring Page 10: Getting ready to pitch.

Baseball Umpires

The umpire isn't a team member, but still a crucial part of the game. These coloring pages show umpires making different calls, safe or out.

Umpire Coloring Page 1: Umpire calling runner safe.
Umpire Coloring Page 2: Umpire calling runner out.

Baseball Player Coloring Pages

We have a great selection of baseball players in various aspects of the game. Some are running, sliding, throwing, etc. There are lots of baseball coloring sheets to choose from.

Baseball Player Coloring Page 1: Close-up of boy's head wearing baseball cap.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 2: Chubby boy with hat low over his eyes.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 3: Boy with glove out but eyes covered by hat.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 4: Cross-eyed boy with hat on backwards.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 5: Happy boy making a catch.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 6: Batter with long skinny neck.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 7: Boy wearing glasses, probably fielding.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 8: Boy with bat tosses ball up.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 9: Player throwing ball.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 10: Boy holding bat and ball.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 11: 2 Baseball Players, maybe father and son.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 12: Dad tossing ball to son at bat.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 13: 2 Kids, batter and catcher
Baseball Player Coloring Page 14: Happy boy sitting on the bench.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 15: Benched player covered in cobwebs
Baseball Player Coloring Page 16: Baseball coach talking to his team
Baseball Player Coloring Page 17: Player celebrating home run.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 18: Sliding to base and losing his hat.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 19: Sliding to base 2
Baseball Player Coloring Page 20: Sliding to base, feet first.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 21: Softball game scene.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 22: T-ball player concentrating on the ball.
Baseball Player Coloring Page 23: Player throwing ball with tongue stick out.

Injured & Wheelchair Baseball Players

Everyone should have the chance to play their favorite sport. Kids in wheelchairs should be able to play too, so here are coloring pictures showing kids in wheelchairs playing ball.

Injured player: One arm in a sling, the other arm tossing a ball.
Wheelchair Player 1: Boy in wheelchair picking up baseball.
Wheelchair player 2: Boy in wheelchair ready to swing bat.

Girls in Baseball

A lot of girls love baseball as much as boys. Here are some great baseball coloring pages for girls who enjoy the game.

Girl Baseball Player 1: Girl at bat.
Girl Baseball Player 2: Woman swinging bat.
Girl Baseball Player 3: Girl at bat in batting stance.
Girl Baseball Player 4: Girl with ponytail and bow on cap.
Girl Baseball Player 5: Girl blowing bubble, leaning on bat.
Girl Baseball Player 6: Girl blowing bubble holding ball in glove.
Girl Baseball Player 7: Girl catching ball.
Girl Baseball Player 8: Smiling girl reading to swing bat.
Girl Baseball Player 9: Close-up of girl wearing baseball cap
Girl Baseball Player 10: Running to catch ball.
Girl Baseball Player 11: Portrait of player with bat, ball, and base.
Girl Baseball Player 12: Standing with bat on huge ball.
Girl Baseball Player 13: Bent over home plate ready to bat.
Girl Baseball Player 14: Base runner sliding and player tries to catch ball.
Girl Baseball Player 15: Girl softball pitcher.
Woman player. Older woman playing baseball.

Baseball Families

Baseball is often taught within families before playing on a team. Here are some pictures of family members teaching kids how to play baseball. It's a terrific family activity.

Family Baseball Coloring Page 1: Grandpa teaching grandson how to bat.
Family Baseball Coloring Page 2: Grandpa batting with grandson catching.
Family Baseball Coloring Page 3: Grandpa giving grandson some tips.
Family Baseball Coloring Page 4: Mom helping son with bat.
Family Baseball Coloring Page 5: Mom helping son hold bat.
Family Baseball Coloring Page 6: Happy girl and proud father.

Animal / Non-Human Baseball Players

If animals could play baseball, then maybe it would look something like these baseball coloring sheets.

Animal Baseball Player 1: Banana baseball player.
Animal Baseball Player 2: Bear batter.
Animal Baseball Player 3: Bear pitcher getting ready to pitch.
Animal Baseball Player 4: Bear pitcher in pitching motion.
Animal Baseball Player 5: Bear player preparing to catch ball.
Animal Baseball Player 6: Bear player right after throwing ball.
Animal Baseball Player 7: Dinosaur player getting to base.
Animal Baseball Player 8: Dog dressed as catcher.
Animal Baseball Player 9: Dog player twirling bat.
Animal Baseball Player 10: Dog catching ball in his glove.
Animal Baseball Player 11: Bunny rabbit running to catch ball.
Animal Baseball Player 12: Fish swinging bat and hit ball.
Ghost Baseball Player 13: Ghost player
Animal Baseball Player 14: Insect player ready to catch ball.
Animal Baseball Player 15: Smiling pig holding ball.
Animal Baseball Player 16: Pig sliding into base and pig umpire calling him safe.
Animal Baseball Player 17: Shark holding bat.
Animal Baseball Player 18: Squirrel player.
Animal Baseball Player 19: Turtle and hare players arguing.

Other Baseball Coloring Pages

Here are a couple more pages, just in case the above one weren't enough.

Baseball Coloring Page 1: Bat and ball.
Baseball Coloring Page 2: Man wearing baseball cap.

Try more of our baseball printables including baseball word searches, baseball dot to dot printables, baseball mazes and more.

These baseball coloring pages are perfect for parents to print at home for their kids, or for preschool teachers to use as a fun coloring activity for the kids.

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