Free Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids

Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy these free Christmas coloring pages for kids. Kids love coloring! They also love all the festive things to do with Christmas including Santa Claus, reindeer, elfs, snowmen, wreaths, stockings and christmas trees. These free Christmas coloring pages include all of those festive items and many more. Christmas coloring printables pages are a great activity to keep kids busy and entertained leading up to and throughout the Christmas season.

Christmas is a very exciting holiday for kids. Try printing some of these free Christmas coloring pages for kids at home or teachers can include them as a terrific classroom activity around the holiday season. Have fun and add lots of colors. Pass the pages on to friends too.

Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Celebration

Family in front of hearth exchanging presents
Family gathered around the Christmas tree
Christmas Dinner Toast
Christmas party with wreath, bells, and guests
Christmas Party: Women sampling treats
Christmas Goodies: Boy looking at treats
Christmas goodies under mistletoe
Christmas at Grandma's with new baby
Under the mistletoe: Couple ready to kiss
Man and woman exchanging presents

Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

Freshly cut christmas tree
Decorated Christmas Tree
Small child in front of decorated tree
Happy boy in front of tree and gifts
A large Christmas tree in a small car

Christmas Decorations

Christmas House
Holly with berries
Decorated door
Decorated hearth
Ornament with goofy happy face
Melting candle
Squirrel in a tree decorated with ornaments

Santa's Elves

Elf standing and smiling
Elf at work making toys
Elf climbing the North Pole
Elf holding large paintbrush
Elf in box
Elf in old Santa sack
Elf with naughty & nice list
Elf ringing a big bell
Elf with shelves full of toys

Christmas Presents

Puppy coming out from wrapped box
Rocking horse beside wrapped present
Small mouse looking at big wrapped present
Christmas present: Boy excited to get ice skates
Exchanging presents: Sister giving younger brother a present
Man bringing presents dressed in suit and top hat
Dad carrying presents by the armload
Woman carrying presents by the armload


Cartoonish Reindeer standing on hind legs
Reindeer with bells around the neck
Smiling reindeer

Santa Claus Coloring Pages

Santa Claus falling into fireplace
Santa Claus celebrating, ringing a bell and blowing a horn
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus dancing
Santa Claus reaching out with open arms
Santa Claus going down chimney
Santa Claus 6
Santa, reindeer & sled flying
Santa eyeing some milk and cookies
Happy Santa jumping for joy
Child sitting on Santa's lap
Santa with cookies and milk

Santa's Sleigh

Sleigh alone
Elves working on the sleigh


Snowman come to life
Snowman with hat, broom and scarf


Filled Christmas Stocking
Boy holding full stocking
Stuffed full stocking
Boy hanging stocking
Stocking with little mouse
Overflowing stocking
Rabbit in stocking


Decorated Christmas Wreath
Decorated Wreath with Bow
Christmas Wreath with Bow

More Christmas Coloring

A caroller by a street lamp
3 Carollers singing
Mailing christmas cards
Mouse with Santa hat and candy cane
Merry Christmas sign with Santa on top
Merry Christmas banner
Kids dressed as the 3 wise men
Dad wearing santa hat tangled in lights
Woman making gingerbread house
Dancing beside a nutcracker soldier
Fresh baked gingerbread cookies
Smiling Christmas candle
Direction arrows for North Pole
In line to see Santa
Snowy window

... try more of our Christmas printables.

Kids just can't wait until Christmas. Parents can print these Christmas coloring printables at home to keep their kids busy during the festive Christmas season with these fun Christmas coloring pages at home. Teachers can all use these Christmas coloring pages as worksheets for a Christmas themed lesson plan at school.

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