Football Coloring Pages for Kids

Football Coloring Pages

Lots of kids like playing football or watching football on TV. If your child loves the game, then try these free printable football coloring pages for kids. Since most kids love coloring, these free football coloring worksheets are great activity pages to keep kids busy and entertained on a rainy day, at a restaurant, on a long drive, or as part of a sports themed birthday party loot bag item.

Parents can print these free football coloring pages for their kids at home or teachers can use them as part of their classroom lesson plans. When you can't participate in the sport you love, you can at least engage in a football related coloring activity. Just make sure you have lots of crayons available to make the pictures really colorful. Have fun!

Football Coloring Pages


Throwing the football
Standing with the football
Ready to throw the football
Running with the football, ready to throw


Just about to catch the football
Just caught the football
Running to catch the ball
Diving to catch the football
Caught a hedgeohg instead of a ball


Kicking with bare foot
Ready to kick
Player in kicking motion

Running Backs

Running Back 1
Running Back 2
Running Back 3
Running with the football


Referee signalling 1
Referee signalling 2
Referee signalling touchdown
Referee signalling 4
Referee signalling holding
Referee signalling 6

Animal Football Players

Ant running with footbal on its back
Bull and dog football players
Bulldog chasing bird football player
Dog football player
Lion running with the football
Pig rushing with the football
Team of pigs in a huddle
Squirrel player sitting on bench
Dog player tackled
Boar crushing football
Wolf kicking football

More Football Coloring Pages

Football in the grass
Really big football player
Player cheering from the bench
Player celebrating touchdown
Devil playing football
Father and son tossing football at beach
Football coach
Player getting hit with football in the gut
Player catching football in the mouth
Player hunched over
Injured player on crutches
Football bounces off head
Player holding a football
Player standing with the football
Santa running with the football
Player sitting on bench
Benched player covered in cobwebs
Football player celebrating a touchdown
Football player wearing retro uniform
Injured football player on the bench
Football coach yelling at a young player
Young football player wearing oversized uniform

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These football coloring pages are perfect for parents to print at home for their kids, or for preschool teachers to use as a part of a lesson plan. They're fun coloring printables for the kids.

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