Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids

Pirate Coloring Pages

These pirate coloring pages are perfect for kids who love pirates. Pirates are really fascinating, especially for boy. It's also important to get boys involved in paper based activities to improve their small motor skills. The types of pictures we have include pirates with their ships, with hooks and wooden legs, with parrots, holding a sword, looking at a treasure map, and many more. We have a huge selection.

Parents can print these free pirate coloring pages as a great activity to keep their kids entertained on a rainy day, on a long drive, at a restaurant, or any time they need a fun diversion. They're a wonderful activity that don't involve video games. Teachers can also print these for their young students at school.

For kids who are fascinated by pirates, coloring pages of swashbuckling pirates can keep them busy doing a fun pirate activity. Make sure you have lots of crayons. Have fun!

Pirate Coloring Pages

Pirate Ship Coloring Pages

Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship on Stormy Seas
2 Pirate Ships Battling at Sea

Pirates with Hooks & Wooden Legs

Hook for hand
Wooden leg, hook hand, eye patch, holding flag
Wooden leg and holding a sword
Wooden leg and eye patch, sword drawn 1
Wooden leg and eye patch, sword drawn 2
Wooden leg and eye patch, sword drawn 3

Pirates on Pirate Ships

In the crow's nest spotting ship
In the crow's nest with telescope
Spotting a mermaid from the pirate ship
Mutiny from pirate ship
Spotting another ship with telescope
Trying to hold on in stormy seas
Swabbing the deck of pirate ship
Walking the plank
On pirate ship in windy weather

Halloween Pirates

Trick-or-treating as a pirate 1
Trick-or-treating as a pirate 2

More Pirate Coloring Pages

Playing the accordian
Charging forward with sword and case
Admiring himself in mirror
Pirate captain with sword
Pirate of Penzance
Children reading a pirate story
Carrying treasure on back
Holding a treasure map
Smug looking pirate
Offered a meal of stinky fish
Swinging from rope with sword drawn
Chasing someone with sword drawn
With treasure and parrot
Writing on paper scroll

... try more of our Pirate Printables including word searches, dot-to-dots, etc.

Kids love to pretend they're swashbuckling pirates. Kids can enjoy the pirate theme with these pirate coloring pages. Parents can print these pirate coloring pages for fun at home.

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