Polar Bear Coloring Pages for Kids

Polar Bear Coloring Pages

These polar bear coloring pages are terrific for kids who love the amazing creatures of the north! We have a great variety of polar bear pictures available to print.
Some are very cartoonish while a few are a little more realistic. There are pictures of polar bears with eskimos, with penguins (which wouldn't happen in nature), and polar bears behaving like humans. Hopefully you'll find some pictures that you'll enjoy.

Kids love coloring and free printable polar bear coloring pages are a great coloring activity to keep kids busy and entertained on a rainy day, on a long drive, at a restaurant, or anywhere and anytime they need a fun diversion. Print them out for use at home or teachers can print them for students at school. They are ideal for younger kids, especially in preschool and kindergarten.

For kids who love polar bears, coloring pages of polar pages can keep them busy doing a fun activity related to their favorite arctic animal, the polar bear. Enjoy!

Polar Bear Coloring Pages

Polar Bears with Eskimos

Polar bear chasing an eskimo
Museum exhibit of eskimo hunting polar bear
Polar bear and eskimo hunter

Polar Bear and Penguin on Vacation

Polar bear going through customs
Polar bear and penguin on airplane
Polar bear and penguin in Egypt by pyramids
Polar bear and penguin paddling canoe
Polar bear and penguin by campfire
Polar bear and penguin doing the hula dance
Polar bear and penguin visit London England
Polar bear and penguin catch a cab
Polar bear and penguin carrying luggage
Polar bear browsing through travel brochures
Polar bear selecting a postcard
Polar bear and penguin send postcard

More Polar Bear Coloring Pages

Polar Bear and seal on ice
Polar bear clapping at movie
Polar bear on Ski-doo
Polar bear skating
Polar bear surfer

... try more of our Polar Bear printables including word searches, dot-to-dots, etc.

Polar bears are huge hunters of the north, but look cuddly to kids. Parents can print these polar bear coloring printables for their kids to enjoy at home. Preschool and primary teachers can use these polar bear coloring pages as worksheets for a northern or polar bear theme lesson plan at school.

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