Skiing Coloring Pages for Kids

Skiing Coloring Pages

These skiing coloring pages are perfect for young skiing enthusiasts. We have a wonderful selection of skiing pictures available to print. We have pictures of downhill skiers, cross country skiers, ski jumpers, animals skiing, christmas skiers, skiing accidents and more. You're sure to find just the right coloring sheet for your young skier.

Parents can print some of these skiing coloring pages for a great way to keep their kids busy on a cold wintery day, at a restaurant, or on a long drive. They can be used anywhere or anytime children have free time. Teachers can also use these skiing coloring sheets at school for their students. Just make sure you have lots of crayons to make some colorful drawings. Have fun. If you like these pages, then let a friend know.

Skiing Coloring Pages

Downhill Skiers

Downhill skier 1
Downhill skier 2
Downhill skier 3
Girl skiing downhill 1
Girl skiing downhill 2
Girl skiing downhill 3
Mom and daughter skiing downhill
Parent and child skiing downhill
Happy downhill skier
Worried downhill skier
Downhill skier carving into the snow
Downhill skier going straight down
Woman downhill skier

Cross-Country Skiers

Woman cross country skier
Man cross country skiing
Cross country skier using classic technique

Ski Jumpers

Ski jumper 1
Ski jumper 2
Happy ski jumper
Freestyle skier making cross in the air
Cartoonish ski jumper
Ski jumper with skis straight instead of V shaped

Animal Skiers

Crocodile ski jumper
Dog skiing downhill
Dog skiing cross country
Penguin downhill skier
Rabbit cross country skier
Reindeer downhill skier
Teddy bear skier

Christmas Skiers

Elf skiing with bag of packages
2 Elves on one pair of skis
Reindeer downhill skier
Santa ski jumping
Santa downhill skiing

Skiing Accidents

Skier buried head first in snow
Skier fallen on behind
Skier with broken leg
Skier slipping on the slope

Other Skiers

Disabled girl downhill skier
Happy Skier
Happy skier 2
Skier in tuck position
Skier pulling himself by rope
Skier gliding through the clouds
Woman ready to ski 1
Woman ready to ski 2

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Skiing is a favorite sport of many kids everywhere. Parents can print these skiing coloring printables for their kids to enjoy at home. Preschool and primary teachers can use the skiing coloring pages as worksheets for a winter or skiing theme lesson plan at school.

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