Soccer Coloring Pages

Free Soccer Coloring Pages

The soccer coloring pages available on this site are terrific worksheets for all kids who love the game of soccer. The types of pictures we have include goalkeeprs, boy soccer players, girl soccer players, coaches, serious players, and many more. There is a huge selection to choose from.

Soccer coloring pages can be the perfect time filler when kids are bored on a rainy day, waiting for their food at a restaurant, on a long summer drive, or at a summer birthday party. For kids who love soccer, these free coloring sheets can keep them busy doing a fun activity related to their favorite sport. They are best suited to younger kids in the preschool and kindergarten age range.

Please feel free to print these for your kids at home. If you're a teacher, you may also like to include the soccer printables as part of a fun activity at school. Encourage kids to add lots of color to make a beautiful drawing. Hopefully you found some coloring pages that are just right for you and your kids.

Free Soccer Coloring Pages for Kids

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, if not the very most popular sports. Most kids have played soccer at some point in their lives, so it is a very relatable sport for most kids. We have categorized all of our coloring printables to make it easier to find the type of pictures you are looking for.


Goalkeepers have a huge job since they have to guard such a huge net. They need quick reactions and great instincts. The position doesn't require as much running as the rest of the team, but it's certainly not eaasy.

Goalkeeper 1
Goalkeeper 2

Boys Playing Soccer

Boy scoring goal
Boy playing soccer 1
Boy playing soccer 2
Boy playing soccer 3
Boy playing soccer 4
Boy playing soccer 5
Boy playing soccer 6
Boy playing soccer 7
Boy playing soccer 8
Boy playing soccer 9
Boy playing soccer 10
Boy playing soccer 11
Boy playing soccer 12
Boy holding soccer ball

Girls Playing Soccer

Girl soccer player 1
Girl soccer player 2
Girl soccer player 3
Girl soccer player 4
Girl soccer player 5
Girl soccer player 6
2 Girl soccer players

Men Playing Soccer

Very serious soccer player 1
Very serious soccer player 2
Very serious soccer player 3
Very serious soccer player 4
Very serious soccer player 5
Very serious soccer player 6
Man bouncing ball on knee
Man heading soccer ball
Man playing soccer 1
Man playing soccer 2
Man playing soccer 3
Man playing soccer 4
Man playing soccer 5

Women Playing Soccer

Woman soccer player 1
Woman soccer player 2
Woman referee hit by the ball

More Soccer Coloring Pages

Mrs. Claus playing soccer
Soccer player 1
Soccer Player 2
Dad bouncing ball on knee
Bystander hit on the head by the ball
Foot kicking soccer ball
Coach kicking ball
Referee holding flat ball

... try more of our Soccer printables .

These Soccer coloring pages are perfect for parents to print at home for their kids, or for preschool teachers to use as a fun coloring activity for the kids.

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