Vampire Coloring Pages for Kids

Vampire Coloring Pages

These Vampire coloring pages are a terrific activity for kids around Halloween time. They add to the spooky atmosphere of the season.
We have a wonderful variety of vampire pictures to choose from. There are pictures of Dracula, male and female vampires, vampire bats, kids in costume, wearing capes, and much more. You're likely to find just the right picture for your young one.

Parents can print these Vampire coloring pages for their kids at home. They are a great activity to keep kids occupied on a rainy day, on a long drive, while waiting for a meal at a restaurant, or anytime leading up to Halloween. Teachers can also print these worksheets for their students. Preschool, kindergarten, and young grade school kids (especially boys) will all enjoy these pages.

Just print, supply lots of crayons, and see what your kids create. If you like these printables, please pass them on to someone you know.

Vampire Coloring Pages

Birthday cake for a vampire
Count Dracula 1
Count Dracula 2
Count Dracula 3
Dancing vampire
Female vampire
Female vampire
Kid trick-or-treating as vampire
Kid dressed a vampire
Moonlit vampire
Vampire wrapped in cape
Vampire holding out cape
Vampire head picture 1
Vampire head picture 2
Vampire at sunrise
Vampire bat 1
Vampire bat 2
Vampire bat asleep up-side-down
Vampire looking for blood bank
Vampire coming out of coffin
Vampire coming out of coffin 2
Vampire coming out of coffin 3
Vampire in coffin
Vampire and ghost at halloween
Vampire with halloween candy
Vampire halloween costume
Vampire on roller coaster
Vampire with candy

Vampire coloring sheets are a fun activity for a halloween themed party loot bags or just a fun activity for kids near halloween. Parents can print them out for their kids at home or teachers can use these vampire coloring pages as part of their halloween lesson plans.

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