Airplane Coloring Pages for Kids

Airplane Coloring Pages

Do your kids adore watching airplanes and all other aircraft? Most kids also love coloring. If so they'll love these free printable airplane coloring pages.
We have a wonderful selection of aircraft to choose from. There are passenger planes, biplanes, a triplane, hot air balloons, blimps, gliders and more. Pick your favorite aircraft and add tons of color to make it your own.

The airplane coloring pages are free for teachers to use for preschool, kindergarten, or a grade school coloring activity. Parents can print these to keep kids busy and entertained on a rainy day, at a restaurant, on a long drive, or any time they need a fun diversion. For kids who are interested in aircraft, printable airplane coloring sheets can keep them busy doing a fun related activity.

Just print and enjoy. If you find these activity pages fun, then please tell a friend.

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Airplane Coloring Pictures

Here we have a variety of types of airplane coloring pages including biplanes, propeller planes, a seaplane, small planes and more. Try some of these fun coloring printables.

Airplane Coloring Page 1: A biplane in flight.
Airplane Coloring Page 2: A cartoonish propeller plane.
Airplane Coloring Page 3: Seaplane.
Airplane Coloring Page 4: Small plane, maybe a privately owned plane.
Airplane Coloring Page 5: Fokker Dr I Triplane from WWI (Red Baron's plane).
Airplane Coloring Page 6: 4 Propeller engine airplane.
Airplane Coloring Page 7: Biplane gaining altitude.
Airplane Coloring Page 8: Biplane, front right view.
Airplane Coloring Page 9: Cartoon plane looking determined.
Airplane Coloring Page 10: Cartoon plane in snowstorm.
Airplane Coloring Page 11: Cartoon plane looking worried.
Airplane Coloring Page 12: A cartoonish passenger jet.
Airplane: Prop plane moving quickly
Airplane: Prop plane up-side-down during stunt
Airplane: Propeller plane pulling banner
Airplane: Cartoonish triplane
Airplane: Crop duster dropping its load

Blimp Coloring Pages

Blimps are somewhat of an unusual site which makes them a desirable coloring sheet activity for kids who love aircraft. Your kids can give these blimps any design they like. They're basically a blank slate.

Blimp Coloring Page 1: The side view of a cartoonish blimp.
Blimp Coloring Page 2: Bottom & side view of a blimp.
Blimp Coloring Page 3: Side view of a blimp facing left.

Glider Coloring Pages

These are coloring printables of glider planes and hang gliders. Neither of them require an engine, but both can be a lot of fun.

Glider Coloring Page 1: A glider plane.
Glider Coloring Page 2: The front view of a hang glider.
Glider Coloring Page 3: The side view of a hang glider.
Glider: Glider plane 2

Helicopter Coloring Pages

Everyone looks up when they hear a helicopter. They are interesting to watch and to look at. Try these helicopter coloring pages with your children.

Helicopter Coloring Page 1: A mid-sized helicopter.
Helicopter Coloring Page 2: A cartoonish helicopter.
Helicopter: Helicopter Coloring Page 3: A military helicopter.

Hot Air Balloon Coloring Pages

Hot air balloons can be very colorful and can be in a multitude of different shapes and sizes. They're amazing to see floating above you. Add lots of color to these balloon coloring pages to make them your own special design.

Hot air balloon Coloring Page: Balloon with horizontal stripes.
Hot Air Balloon: Hot air ballon Coloring Page 2: A balloon without a passenger.
Hot Air Balloon: Hot air balloon Coloring Page 3: A balloon with a passenger holding a telescope.

Military Aircraft Coloring Pages

The military have a wide variety of different airplanes that have been critical in the outcomes of wars. Add some color to one of these military aircraft coloring pages to make it either authentic or your own special design.

Military Plane Coloring Page: WWII Fighter plane.
Military Plane Coloring Page: A stealth aircraft.

Other Aircraft Coloring Pages

If you haven't found an airplane coloring page from the above categories that you like, then maybe you'll find something here.

Misc: Other Airplane Coloring Page: Airport employee helps to land a plane.
Misc: Parachuter Coloring page: A parachuter looking scared.
Misc: Pilot wearing retro flight suit

... try more of our printable airplane pages .

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