Boat Coloring Pages for Kids

Boat Coloring Pages

Do your kids adore watching boats, ships, and all boating activities? If so they'll love these free printable boat coloring pages.
We have a large variety of coloring printables about boats including cruise ships, sailboats, cargo ships, war ships, coastguard boats, canoes, rowboats, and much more.

Most kids enjoy coloring, so print some boat coloring pages for home or school. Teachers can use them for preschool, kindergarten, or a grade school coloring activity. Parents can print these to keep kids busy and entertained on a rainy day, at a restaurant, on a long drive (or boat ride), or any time they need a fun diversion.

For kids who are interested in boats and other watercraft, these boat coloring pages can keep them busy doing a fun related activity. Print and enjoy.

Boat Coloring Pages

Airboat: Airboat with 2 fans
Cabin cruiser: Cabin cruiser side view
Canoe: Empty canoe with stitched sides
Canoe: canoe in use
Canoe: Outrigger canoe with native paddler
Canoe: Cartoon canoe with cat paddling
Canoe: Outrigger canoe front view and unoccupied
Cargo ship: Cargo ship's front view
Cargo Ship: Cargo ship's side view
Cargo Ship: Container ship stacked with boxes
Cargo Ship: Cargo ship's top front view
Cargo Ship: Cartoonish cargo ship
Cartoon Boat: Cartoon large ship
Cartoon Boat: Cartoonish cabin cruiser
Cartoon Boat: Cartoon tugboat
Catamaran: 2 Sail Catamaran
Coast Guard: Working coast guard boat
Ferry: Ferry side view carrying cars
Ferry: Ferry end view without cars
Fireboat: Fireboat spraying water
Fishing boat: Fishing boat wrecked on the rocks
Fishing boat: Small fishing boat side view
Fishing Boat: Cartoonish fishing boat
Gondola: Gondola in use
Houseboat: Houseboat on the water
Icebreaker: Icebreaker in action
Motor Boat: Motor boat rushing through the water
Motor Boat: Motor boat in ripply water
Passenger Ship: Large cruise ship
Passenger Ship: Cruise ship
Passenger Ship: Cartoonish old cruise ship
Passenger Ship: Catroonish cruise ship
Passenger Ship: Passenger ship that may be an old cruise ship
Passenger Ship: Passenger ship, probably a cruise ship
Raft: Boy on a tattered log raft
Raft: Inflatable raft or rubber dinghy
Rowboat: Rowboat being rowed the wrong way
Rowboat: Cartoon rowboat with tired cat
Misc: Anchor with rope
Misc: Anchor with rope wrapped around
Misc: Stylized anchor
Misc: Large helm, aka ship's steering wheel
Misc: Hydrofoil
Misc: 2 life jackets
Misc: 2 Life saving rings
Misc: Lighthouse with small living quarters
Misc: Lighthouse on rocky coast
Misc: Outboard motor
Misc: Personal watercraft aka jet ski

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