Fourth of July Coloring Pages For Kids

Fourth of July Coloring Pages for Kids

Happy Fourth of July!!! Please enjoy these free Fourth of July coloring pages. There are a variety of coloring sheets including fireworks, the flag, Uncle Sam,
the American eagle, the Statue of Liberty and other patriotic symbols. You should be able to find several suitable coloring worksheets for your kids.

These free fourth of July coloring pages are a great activity to keep kids busy and entertained leading up the holiday. Parents can print these coloring sheets for use at home or anywhere your child may have free time close to the holiday. Just make sure you have lots of crayons on hand to make some really colorful fireworks explosions and other colorful drawings. Have fun. If you like these pages, the please tell a friend about them.

Fourth of July Coloring Pages

We have a variety of fun and patriotic printable coloring pages that are ideal for the fourth of july of the days leading up to Independence Day. There are fireworks, eagles, stars and stripes, the flag, Uncle Sam and more. Just find the pages of interest to you and your kids, print, and enjoy the festivities. Each coloring page is free a free printable activity page, so print a many as you like and share with friends.

Fireworks Coloring Pages

Fireworks are often the key attraction on the Fourth of July. So, young kids who are looking forward to the holiday would enjoy coloring the fireworks. In fact, the more colorful the better. Just print out some coloring printable for free, and have fun

Fireworks coloring page: Explosion from a firecracker.
Fireworks coloring page 2: An exploding firecracker.
Fireworks coloring page 3: Fireworks exploding in the sky.
Fireworks coloring page 4: Status of Liberty with fireworks in background.
Fireworks coloring page 5: Family watching fireworks.
Fireworks coloring page 6: Firecracker that doesn't want to explode.
Fireworks coloring page 7: Fireworks cracker ready to launch.
Launched fireworks but not exploded yet
Round fireworks unexploded

Eagle Coloring Pages

Eagles are a very patriotic symbol of America. These majestic eagles are shown with stars and stripes and shields to create very patriotic images. They are a great addition to 4th of July activities for kids.

Eagle coloring page: An eagle profile surrounded by stars.
Eagle coloring page 2: An eagle and a ribbon.
Eagle coloring page 3: An eagle with a ribbon and stars.
Eagle coloring page 4: An eagle above a shield.
Eagle coloring page 5: An eagle with a shield on its chest.
Eagle coloring page 6: An eagle perched on a shield.
Eagle coloring page 7: An eagle head surrounded by stars.
Eagle coloring page 8: Another eagle head surrounded by stars.
Eagle image on side of drum
Eagle with shield and banner

Stars & Stripes / Flag Coloring Pages

Stars and stripes make up the American flag, so they are perfect images for Fourth of July coloring pages. Make sure you have some red, white, and blue crayons or coloring pencils for these pages. Just print and enjoy.

Flag Coloring Page: Betsy Ross sewing the American flag.
Stars Coloring Page: Flame of the Statue of Liberty with stars.

Uncle Sam Coloring Pages

Everyone recognizes the image of Uncle Sam. He's covered in stars and stripes, from head to toe. You can really identify with the patriotism of Uncle Sam. These Independence Day printables are an ideal activity for young kids leading up to the holiday.

Uncle Sam Coloring Page: Uncle Sam in his stars and stripes suit.
Uncle Sam Coloring Page 2: Uncle Sam riding a skateboard.

More Fourth Of July Coloring Pages

These pages may not fit into one of the above categories, but they're all still very patriotic. There's a patriotic soldier, an American pie and more. If you couldn't find what you were looking for above, then maybe you'll find it here.

Fourth of July Coloring Page: A pie with arm and legs holding a flag.
Fourth of July Coloring Page: Fourth of July written in a patriotic style.
Fourth of July Coloring Page: A patriotic soldier waving a flag.
Patriotic guy waving flag
Patriotic boy waving flag 2
Patriotic Hat covered in stars and stripes
Patriotic Teddy Bear waving flag
Reading Declaration of Independence
Statue of Liberty flame and hand

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Independence day on the Fourth of July is a fun time of year for kids. Parents can print these wonderful Fourth of July coloring printables at home for their kids to enjoy. Preschool and primary teachers can use the Independence Day coloring pages as worksheets for an Independence Day theme lesson plan at school.

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