Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids

Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids

Happy Halloween!!! Please enjoy these free printable Halloween coloring pages. Since most kids love coloring and many also love the spooky characters that are fixtures of halloween, they'll love these printables. We have coloring sheets of Frankenstein, Dracula, ghosts, skeletons, witches, jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, party scenes, spooky landscapes, and much more. Halloween coloring pages are a great activity to keep kids busy and entertained leading up to halloween. Halloween coloring pages are also a great loot bag filler for a child's Halloween party.

The Halloween coloring pages for kids are free to print for home use. Teachers can also print them for free to use as a fun classroom activity leading up to Halloween. The coloring sheets are great for preschool, kindergarten and early grade school kids. Have lots of orange and black crayons on hand and have fun. If you like these coloring worksheets, then please tell a friend about them.

Frankenstein Coloring Pages

Frankenstein is a scary looking monster and a makes a great Halloween costume. Frankensteins are often roaming the street on October 31. Indulge your own little Frankenstein in a few coloring pages depicting their favorite monster.

Frankenstein coloring page 1: Assembling Frankenstein's body parts.
Frankenstein coloring page 2: The Frankenstein family.
Frankenstein coloring page 3: Frankenstein loses his head.
Frankenstein coloring page 4: Halloween Costume.
Frankenstein coloring page 5: Halloween Costume 2.
Frankenstein coloring page 6: Walking Frankenstein 1.
Frankenstein coloring page 7: Walking Frankenstein 2.
Frankentein and mermaid costumes
... more Frankenstein Coloring Pages

Ghost Coloring Pages

Ghosts are one of the most popular Halloween images. Pictures of ghosts are found all over Halloween products, shows, and are a popular Halloween costume. Here are sonme fun ghost coloring pictures that can entertain your kids before (or after) Halloween.

Ghost coloring page 1: A ghost holding Happy Halloween sign.
Ghost coloring page 2: A ghost eating candy.
Ghost coloring page 3: Ghost in a pumpkin.
Ghost coloring page 4: A ghost with a tummy ache.

Haunted House Coloring Pages

Old run-down houses with broken windows and doors look pretty scary. They're so creepy that it's easy to imagine that they're haunted. These coloring pictures show images of ghosts surrounding a variety of decrepit old houses. They're perfect for kids to color near Halloween.

Haunted House coloring page 1: A creepy house with a bat, spiderweb & jack-o-lantern..
Haunted House coloring page 2: A rickety house with a ghost, full moon and bat.
Haunted House coloring page 3: A decrepit house with bats on a hill.
Haunted House coloring page 4: A small house with ghosts, spiderwebs, & pumpkins.
Haunted House coloring page 5: A mansion or castle with ghosts & bats.
Haunted House coloring page 6: A strange castle with ghosts.

Mummy Coloring Pages

Can you imagine a mummy coming to "life" and walking around? It's a pretty terrifying thought. That's why it's a popular Halloween costume. Kids love to be scary monsters at Halloween. These coloring pictures are great for kids who are facinated by mummies.

Mummy coloring page 1: A mummy in sands of Egypt.
Mummy coloring page 2: A mummy chasing an archaeologist.
Mummy coloring page 3: A scary mummy with tattered wraps.
Mummy coloring page 4: A scary mummy walking with its arms out.
Mummy coloring page 5: A mummy sneaking up on an Egyption man.
... more Mummy Coloring Pages

Vampire Coloring Pages

Vampires have a long mythology in human history. It's frightening to think that these creatures could exist. Dracula in his black cape and formal attire is a common depiction of a vampire. It's also one the most popular costumes for kids. These pages are ideal for your little Dracula.

Vampire coloring page 1: A moonlit vampire.
Vampire coloring page 2: Vampire coming out of coffin.
Vampire coloring page 3: A kid trick-or-treating as a vampire.
Vampire coloring page 4: Another kid trick-or-treating as a vampire.
Vampire coloring page 5: A vampire bat.
Vampire coloring page 6: A vampire with bats.
Ghost chatting with Dracula at Halloween costume party
... more Vampire Coloring Pages

Witch Coloring Pages

When I think of Halloween, witches are one of the first things that come to mind. Witches with their pointy hats, making potions or flying on broomsticks are common Halloween images of witches. It's probably the most common Halloween costume for girls. These coloring pictures are a perfect match for those old witch stereotypes.

Witch coloring page 1: A Trick-or-treater dressed like a witch.
Witch coloring page 2: Flying on a broom by the moon.
Witch coloring page 3: A kid witch on a broom with a bag of loot.
Witch coloring page 4: A witch adding ingredients to a potion.
Witch coloring page 5: A witch stirring potion.
Witch coloring page 6: A witch sweeping away creepy things.
Witch coloring page 7: A witch looking into crystal ball.
Witch coloring page 8: A witch with a pumpkin and a spider web.
Witch coloring page 9: A young witch riding a broom in front of the moon.
Witch and Pumpkinhead dancing at Halloween party
2 Witches dancing
... more
Witch Coloring Pages

Zombie Coloring Pages

Zombies, with their rotting flesh, torn clothes, and vacant glares are really scary looking creatures. They're also a popular Halloween costume. It's fun to tear up some old clothes, put on some gruesome make-up and drag your leg around while trick-or-treating. These pictures are pretty creepy and perfect for a pre-Halloween activity. Print them and enjoy!

Zombie coloring page 1: A walking zombie with a tattered jacket.
Zombie coloring page 2: A creepy zombie with rotting flesh who's trick-or-treating.
Zombie coloring page 3: A creepy woman zombie with no facial flesh.
Zombie coloring page 4: A goofy looking zombie man.

More Halloween Coloring Pages

Not every Halloween picture fits into one of the above categories. But, there are lots of other great Halloween images that kids will enjoy coloring. If you couldn't find what you wanted above, then hopefully you'll find it here.

Jack-O-Lantern coloring page: Pumpkin carving argument.
Jack-O-Lantern coloring page 2: A headless head holding a pumpkin head.
Jack-O-Lantern coloring page 3: A pumpkin headed kid trick-or-treating.
Jack-O-Lantern coloring page 4: A jack-o-lantern popping out of a jack-in-the-box.
Jack-O-Lantern coloring page 5: A pumpkin headed guy in a flying jack-o-lantern.
Skeleton coloring page: A skeleton in a graveyard with a jack-o-lantern.
Skeleton coloring page 2: A skeleton trick-or-treating.
Clown coloring page: A teddy bear dressed as a clown.
Costume coloring page: A kid in bunny costume holding a bag of candy.
Costume Party coloring page : Cleopatra and a cat costume at a Halloween party.
Costume Party coloring page 2: Cowboy and damsel costumes at a Halloween party.
Costume Party coloring page 3: Devil dancing with bear at a Halloween party.
Costume Party coloring page 4: Devil and bird costumes.
Costume Party coloring page 5: Fairy or butterfly costume.
Little angel and scary lizard costumes
Halloween decorations: pumpkin, skull candle, and candy bowl
Stolen candy and a swift getaway
Pear and banana costumes at a Halloween party
Lizard and apple costumes at Halloween party
Bunny chatting with amazon at party
Werewolf during full moon

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Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year for kids. Parents can print these fun Halloween coloring printables for their kids to enjoy at home. Preschool and primary teachers can use the Halloween coloring pages as worksheets for a Halloween theme lesson plan at school.

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